The spiritual job search

I once read somewhere that eighty-five percent of people acquire their current job through the recommendation of a friend. This is contrary to the misguided belief that the proper way to find a job is constructing resumes, internet searches, classified searches, emails, faxes, persistent phone calls, and so on. Rather, the true secret to successfully conducting a job search is to treat your entire life as an interview. That is, realizing that the vast majority of people find their jobs as a result of establishing a meaningful connection with another human being, you should focus on presenting yourself to the world in a way that is consistent with the type of job opportunity you would like to attract.

What I am saying here touches on a principle that I have elaborated on in previous articles which is that of being preceding doing, which, in turns precedes your having that which you have desired to have. This same wisdom has been captured in our culture in the saying, “fake it til you make it.” This is simply another way of saying that you must learn to be that which you want to be before you can indeed be that which you envision yourself to be.

Recently I have been studying one of the great iconic figures of the twentieth century, Muhammad Ali, and came to realize that this was something he understood well and lived every day in his life. If you are a student of history, black history, or even boxing history, you should well know that long before the world came to acknowledge him as the “greatest of all time” he consistently – and often to the chagrin of the world- proclaimed himself to be that. All that he was doing was faking it until he made it. In other words, Ali understood that in being in his own mind (or at least constantly trying to convince himself that this was true) that which he eventually wanted to become, he would initiate the thoughts consistent with this state of being, which would, in turn, lead to him doing actions that the greatest of all time would do, which would in turn lead to him having all that the greatest of all time would. He understood quite well the mechanics of manifestation, as evidenced by what he manifested in his own life – him becoming the greatest of all time.

So, in your own life, if you are to have the life of your dreams, you must learn to be that which you want to eventually become right now. Therefore, if you eventually want to become, for example, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you must right now begin to present yourself to the world as if you already were the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, in terms of your overall self-presentation to the world of dress, speech, and manner. Projecting your future into the present will only have the effect of the world responding to you as that which you are projecting, and before you know it, the future will merge into your present reality.

Going back to our initial point about how most people find their current job through a friend, and therefore, all chance meetings should be treated as interviews, means that being that which you envision yourself becoming will lead to you attracting people that are currently in the position which you would someday like to be. Think about it. People that present themselves to the world as thugs attract other thugs; people that present themselves as athletes attract other athletes; hippies attract other hippies; and so on. Therefore, the way in which the law of attraction (like attracts like) applies to your job search is that if you learn to be that which you seek, that which you seek will be attracted to you. Thus, the best advice I can give you in your job search is to learn to match your current dress, speech, and manner with that of the type of position you would like to be in, and certainly you will attract the type of people that are currently doing that type of work (they will want to connect with you because your overall styles in life are consistent with each others) to you.

It has been said that the great philosopher Nietzsche’s entire philosophy can be reduced to the importance of style. This point that I am trying to make about how people will matching styles are drawn to each other in life is the essence of what I am trying to say about life as an interview. Every type of employment can, in a sense, be evaluated in terms of the overall style of the people that are in that type of environment. What type of dress is required in the position you want to attract? Is it suit and tie? Is it t-shirt and jeans? How do people speak in the position you want to attract? Do they speak the king’s English? Do they speak broken English? What kind of mannerism to these people have? Are they upright and dignified in their manner? Are they harsh and abrasive? All of these things are part of what I mean when I speak of the style of a position. If you can successfully evaluate the style of the position which you would like to attract to yourself, and learn to mold yourself into that style, you will find that the only people that are drawn to you are those whose style (because they are in that position you are seeking) matches your. And from there, it is only a matter of connecting with the new people which you draw into your life, and flushing out the way in which these relationships can be beneficial to all parties involved, the least of which is your own financial life.

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The importance of discipline

“It is not enough to know, we must apply.”
Bruce Lee

One of my sayings that I always try to share with people is that, the key to greatness is discipline. And yet, despite the knowing of the truth of this statement, I must admit, that I have not been nearly as disciplined in my life as I would like. For this reason, I want to go on a mental exploration of exactly what discipline is, and how it is possible to be impeccable in the application of such discipline.

I think that a lot of people, when first exposed to the philosophy that we create our own reality naively believe that this process is much more simple then it actually is. Though this philosophy rightfully restores our freedom to create in our lives whatever it is we choose to create, this does not mean that this freedom can not be tedious, when divorced from discipline. In other words, freedom comes at a cost. And, more or less, the cost of the freedom to be, do, and have whatever it is we want in our lives, is that of being disciplined in your application of the wisdom life has offered us all (whether that wisdom has come to you from the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, the Taoist texts, the yoga sutras, etc.).

It is undeniable that all of us, no matter what our culture or background in life, have all, at some point in our lives been offered the wisdom of the Universal Laws. Again, the source of these teachings an be as diverse as the Bible or the Koran. But, nonetheless this wisdom has been offered us to all in one form or another. The problem, then, is in our failure to do that which we (at some level) know we need to do in order to make our lives what we really want them to be. And, I suspect that the cause of this disconnect between principles and practices lies in our failure to ever clearly decide exactly what principles that we have been exposed to mean the most, and resonate the most with us. If you can clearly articulate a small set of principles that really resonate with you, you will find that your discipline in applying those principles to your life will increase dramatically, and from there, from that place of applying that which you know to be truth, it will only be a matter of time before you find yourself living the life that you have always dreamed of.

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Create Your Entire Life Now

You can give up this entire business of manifestation right now if you would simply take the time to write out what you want to occur in your life, in every phase, and then release those intentions for eternity. All you have to do is write out a comprehensive wish list for everything you want to ever happen in your life, read those intentions out loud to the Universe, and forever release these intentions into the womb of creation, knowing well that these seeds will eventually blossom forth into your reality when the time is right.

So, what I am saying is that, you can literally stop everything you are doing right now, take out a pen and paper, and write out how you would like the rest of your life to unfold, and release that once and for all, and sit back as that wish you have asked of the Universe becomes your experience. Here is how you can do this:

1) Take out a note pad and a pen
2) Title this page “My Dream Life”
3) Write out in sequential order, everything you would like to have happen in your life today, tomorrow, this week, this month, this year, the next five years, the next ten years, and the rest of your life, in the form of : It is my intention to…
4) Be very specific in your intentions for your life, including describing details of the experience(s) you want to attract to you such as what, when, where, and why (never mention who or how because these are not up to you, they are the responsibility of the Universe to surprise you with how it manifests your desire
5) Never again ask for those intentions. They are already manifest at the moment you ask for them, but asking again can have the effect of “canceling your previous order” in that, you are essentially switching the “light switch” of manifestation back to the ‘off’ setting by asking for it again. So, ask once, and never ask again, because having turned the Universe on with your initial intent, you do not want to turn the switch ‘off’ again by asking again and again.

This is truly the final exercise for you to complete on what has become a sort of “school of magic” here on the internet. If you do this exercise as instructed, there will be nothing else that you will need to do in order to have the life of your dreams. There is a great saying that the great mystics often employ when they speak of doing nothing but accomplishing everything. There comes a point in your understanding of the magical process when you realize that all that you have to do to have anything in life is to ask the Universe one time, let go and let God, and surely it will be yours. And, at this point when you realize that the greatest power you have in life is to surrender yourself to the Universe by asking that it exercise its awesome power in you life, you will find yourself doing nothing and accomplishing everything. So, take the time out to do this exercise as instructed and after that truly there is nothing again that you will ever have to do to achieve success in your life. Just ask this one time for everything you could ever dream of to happen in your life, release those desires once and for all, and surely, in ways you could never have imagined, the life of your dreams will be yours.

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Letting Go

Ever since I first learned about the power of intention, I have been experimenting with it in my life, in terms of using intent to bring into my life that which I would like to have in my life. I must admit, the results have been, at times, frustratingly inconsistent. When it comes to manifesting small things that I would like to see happen in my life on a daily basis, I have been overwhelmingly successful. But, on the other hand, when it comes to manifest the “larger” things in life, I have often found those things taking a much longer time than I intend for them to take before they come into my life. It is only now, after many years of experimenting with intent that I have come to understand why this is.

Ordinarily, when people think about praying for or intending certain inconsequential things to come to them, they are detached from its manifesting. For example, if you are intending to manifest a small amount of cash in order to be able to see a show or go out on a date, then you are relatively detached about receiving that small amount of cash because you realize that being able to do these types of things (concerts, dates, etc.) aren’t really so relevant in terms of the more pressing concerns that we all face in life (bills, gainful employment, adequate transportation, maintaining your health, taking care of loved ones, and so on). Thus, when it comes to attempting to manifest these things, there tends to be a sense of attachment to these things manifesting, as we perceive them to be somehow more important than the smaller things of life like, for instance, concerts and dates. And, it is this very perception of difference of scale of different experiences that life has to offer to us that ends up being the impediment to us receiving those “larger” things in life. If only you would learn not to “sweat the big stuff” you would find those things flowing to you more easily and effortlessly.

What I am saying here is that the emotional attitude of attachment functions as a type of resistance or dam to your highest good flowing to you. If you understand that, as human beings, we function like magnets that magnetize things to us based on our predominant emotional attitude or vibrational frequency. Thus, all that I am really saying is that the emotion of attachment is a lower vibrational frequency, and therefore attracts to you lower vibrational experiences. Going back to the example from my own life of being able to manifest “small” things into my life easily, this is simply because the emotion of attachment is seldom present in my envisioning of these things coming into my life. Whereas, in attempting to manifest those larger things into my life, there is again, there sense of attachmen to the outcome because of the illusion of grandeur. That is, there is a great illusion within human beings, one that I have often succumbed to myself, that somethings are grand and others, small. In truth, all experiences are equal in the eyes of the Creator, and thus, will be granted onto us without discrimination, provided that we ourselves, learn to not discriminate between some things we have taught are small, and those things that we are taught are large.

The best way to illustrate this would be in that grand source of discrimination in our society, which is material wealth. This is not so much a sociological point that I am trying to make as much as a spiritual point. For example, we have taught to believe that there is a real difference between the awe of possessing a penny and the awe of possession one billion dollars, when, in fact, both of these extremes are but the contrast of experience available to us all on this plane of relative truth(i.e., the plane where we come to experience the absolute unity of all by experiencing the illusion of diversity of experience). In truth, all experiences are empty, with none of them being lasting or with substance. That is why the great Buddhist sages say that all is appearance-emptiness. In time, the entire range of experience will be known to you, and you witness as they all appear and then dissolve, only to appear and dissolve again, thus demonstrating all phenomena as empty of real substance.

So, when it comes to manifesting the “big” things in life, it is actually quite simple once you come to understand the empty nature of it, as well as the inherent emptiness of everything else. Once you come to understand that, you will literally come to order (your wish is my command) all the most grand experiences this Universe could ever offer with the ease, detachment, and sense of nonchalance which you would order a meal at a fast food restaurant. “I’ll have an order of a billion dollars, a gorgeous wife, a huge mansion, the most stylish car ever made, and all the other trappings of a king, please.” And the genie in a bottle that is the YOUniverse will certainly deliver this fast food to you in an instant. This is the true nature of the Universe. When we are told of the mythical tale of Aladdin and the genie in a bottle, we are being given a glimpse into the true nature of life. Life is such that all that we command (intend) will flow onto us in accordance with our belief. If we believe that some things take a long time to manifest, they will; if we believe that some things will manifest in a short amount of time, they will. Thus, the key to solving the problem of prolonged time in the manifestation of your desires is to let go of the delusion that some experiences are large and small. I say to you that all experience is inconsequential, appearing and dissolving in the blink of an eye, and thus you can call any of them (from a penny to a billion dollars) forth with out any effort whatsoever, and know that it will manifest because the Universe is indeed our genie in a bottle, granting onto us whatever it is we desire.

The way in which to apply this knowledge to your life is to write out a list of things you would like to have in your life is simply to write out everything you want in your life, in the form of “ it is my intention to…” (e.g. it is my intention to be a millionaire within one year of today) and state that intention to the Universe one time, and one time only. Sometimes, when people intend to experience certain things, they state that intent over and over again to the Universe, as if having experienced the things they intend to experience happen yet, they act as if the Universe did not hear them the first time. When, in fact, you only need to state your desire to the Universe one time, as unlike us, it is pure consciousness, ever alert, ever attentive, and thus, could never miss even a single thought we have impressed upon it. The Universe that we live in is fully aware and can act on the intention we impress upon it, the very moment we impress it upon it. Much like a lot of soil, we only need plant the seed in the soil one time (and not continue to dig up that seed and check on its progress or attempt to supplant that seed with some other seed) and the Universe will do the rest, nurturing and nourishing the seed into its fruition.

So, write out the list of intentions that you have for your entire life, read those intentions out loud to the Universe one time, and then let go, and let the nourishing soil of Spirit do the rest. Surely, that which you ask for will be bestowed upon you as it is spiritual law that dictates, “ask and ye shall receive.” And, of course, it is the dictates of that grand genie in a bottle that we call the Universe that your wish is its command.

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The Cosmic Computer

The Universe is like a computer in that we human beings program the code of the software into the cosmic computer by informing it precisely, in seemingly complex, but overly simple instructions. In other words, the software of the Universe, which will execute the instructions (your wish is my command) we “program” into it, provided we know the rule of “programming language” that the Universe responds to, including the specific set of “task” initiating strings of code.

Put another way, the Universe, much like a computer, can be thought of as an interface that produces results in accordance with the instructions it has been given by you, the programmer (creator). If you make a programming error, the results will come back with an error report (i.e. the results you get will seem erroneous to you). But, when you properly understand the rules and syntax of this language, what I will call MPL (manifestation programming language), you will be able to create the results you want.

Here are the rules of MPL that will allow you to yield the results you want in your life.

1) Every instruction begins with your intention. Thus, the best way to instruct the cosmic computer to execute any task for you is by beginning your request with the words, “it is my intention to/that…”
2) You must provide as the rest of your instruction the very specific details of what, when, where, and why in each request
3) You can not instruct the cosmic computer in any way about the ‘how’ and ‘who’ of a request. These are “syntax errors.” The cosmic computer has built in instructions that are beyond our comprehension that can’t be overridden when it comes to ‘how’ and ‘who.’
4) Giving the same instructions to the cosmic computer twice has the affect of canceling out the request all together. You must only intend for something to happen once if it is to happen.

The Universe is a perfect computer that is not possible of making mistakes. Thus, the output generated in your life has only generated what you perceive to be errors because of your violation of this very strict set of “syntax” rules. If you fully understand the language of MPL, you will never again create things in your life that you do not want. In fact, you will find just the opposite, that truly you are the creator (programmer) of your own life , and the only reason you have ever experienced any kind of dissatisfaction in your life is because you didn’t know these rules. Now you do. Apply them to your life and behold at the awesome speed and precision with which the Universe produces the desired outcome in your life, on every level of your life.

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