Giving and Receiving

“Give, and it shall be given to you. For whatever measure you deal out to others, it will be dealt to you in return.”


Another important aspect of living a creative life, at least in terms of creating material abundance is that of giving. Constantly giving to others is an important aspect of material abundance because it is only in giving that we can receive. Literally, we can not receive if we are not able to first give.The best example of the inseparability of giving and receiving is in our respiratory system. Have you ever noticed what happens when you hold your breath? Of course, when you do it too long you may get lightheaded or dizzy, but even more subtly is the fact that when you hold your breath, you literally block your lungs ability to receive more air. Therefore, in trying to conserve what little air has already been given to you in your inhalation, you prevent the flow in of even more air into your lungs. Conversely, as you cease to hold your breath, and instead let out a deep exhalation, your lungs create a vacuum that begin to instantly inhale more air for the purpose of conservation of your entire physical system.  So, you must exhale in order to be able to inhale, and you must inhale in order to even have air to exhale. The fact is that the example of the cyclical nature of air moving into and out of our respiratory system, accurately reflects the cyclical nature of all energy, and therefore, reflects the nature of money, as money is really only a form of energy. So, truly, we could say that money is like air. Like air, there is an infinite supply of it. Truly, even the poorest of the poor on this planet have access to even some miniscule amount of it. This suggests that there is so much of it, that even those who have the least of it, still have manage to have at least some of it. No one is ever totally, completely, one hundred percent out of it. That is because it could never ever run out. Also, like air, it moves spontaneously moves into and out of our lives, provided we don’t restrict the flow of it by trying to hold it in.
This is an important point: for most of us, the fact that we at any particular point in time may experience ourselves as lacking is due to the simple fact that we are blocking the flow of abundance into our lives by our unwillingness to simply breath out what we have already been given, in order to make way for fresh air (abundance) to come back into our lives.

So, it should be fairly obvious now that giving and receiving are different aspects of the same flow. They are inseparable because it is only in giving out what we have already been given that we can make room for even more to come in. Truly, if we are to keep the infinite abundance of the universe flowing into our lives, we must also keep it flowing out of our lives. For, it is only in breathing out, that we are able to breathe in; and it is only through breathing in that we can breathe out. It is only in giving that we are able to receive; and it is only in our grateful receiving of all that the Universe has to give us that we even have something to give.

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