The Bank of Spirit

“You need only do or be what releases the joy within. All else is handled for you.”

Arnold M. Patent, author of “You Can Have It All”


“The world is full of abundance and opportunity, but far too many people come to the fountain of life with a sieve instead of a tank car… a teaspoon instead of a steam shovel. They expect little and as a result they get little.”

Ben Sweetland

If I told you right now that you have a bank account within this universe that is infinite in its supply, would you believe me? Chances are, if you live at ordinary levels of consciousness you believe that your bank account has however much money you earn from your full or part-time job. And, of course, on that particular level, that is true. But, on a deeper level there is an infinite amount of riches available to all of us at any given point in time. The real reason that someone might find themselves stuck at a mediocre level of income, is that you do not have access to the “password” with which you would unlock this bank account.

The password that unlocks our infinite account with the “Bank of Spirit” is the living of our highest purpose in life. You see, all of us have many different purposes in life based on the many different levels at which we exist. Spiritually, each of us has the purpose of experiencing ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience, rather than believing it to be the other way around (i.e. we are human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences). Physically, we have the multiple purposes of surviving, preserving our health, procreating, nourishing our bodies, and so on. Furthermore, within our physicality we must explore ourselves even more in depth in our particular manifestation as male or female. That is, we must somehow learn how to translate our maleness into manhood, and femaleness into womanhood. However, the purpose that is deserving of the most attention is your spiritual purpose. Your spiritual purpose in life is your highest purpose. It is the one that will deliver you from all unfavorable conditions you have in your life. For, in adhering to the dictates of your purpose for which you have chosen incarnation, you will receive in accordance with the terms of your “sacred contract.” And what could the contract terms of Spirit be other than unlimited abundance? Of course, these are precisely the terms of your contract with Spirit.

So, this begs the question: how does one remember the purpose that they chose before ever even incarnating? The answer is quite simple: your purpose in life is to do what you enjoy. Literally, your purpose in life is to do, for the sake of humanity, that thing that puts you in-joy – the feeling of joy is the revelation of your highest truth. Remember, the way to know the truth about something, anything, is to pay attention to how you feel. Ultimately, the way that you know if something is true or false for you is by paying attention to your feelings. Anything that gives you a feeling of joy is truth for you. Anything that give you a feeling of sadness, discomfort, or despair is not true for you. It is that simple.

So, in pursuing what exactly your life purpose is, all you have to do is pay attention to how you feel. In the course of your day, you will do and say many things. However, some of those things give you more joy than others. For instance, a day for you might consist of any of the following activities: meditation, running, praying, reading, watching tv, talking on the phone, writing, singing, dancing, cooking, eating, etc. Perhaps there is one activity you do, that you do on a daily basis that gives you a feeling of absolute bliss while and after you are doing that activity. That activity is your life purpose. You have come here to somehow use that activity to teach others about life: singer, dancer, writer, athlete, physicist, astronaut, carpenter, lawyer, and any other vocation that one can think of. These are all vehicles through which we can learn about life. And, quite simply, we are all here to teach each other how to teach each other.

So, find that thing that you love to do more than anything else, and find a way to use that thing to uplift the condition of all human beings. If you do that, then, truly, you shall see that the gates to the mansion of riches that are rightfully yours will burst open and a bounty of riches will be bestowed upon you.

For, this is a great secret that too many of us human beings have forgotten. All of us are here to serve each other regardless of artificial divisions such as race, class, and creed. We human beings are like leaves on the branches of a tree. Though we are undoubtedly individual, we are all bound to the same tree. The human race is literally one family, and it is our role to serve and to be served by every member of our family, regardless of how different we may seem from each other.

The pervasiveness of war and violence in this world is a testament to the fact that so many of us have forgotten that our purpose is to serve and be served by each other as one human family. And, of course, the way in which that service is to take place is in you doing that thing that you love to do as a means of serving others. Though many have forgotten theirs (and our) purpose as a species, this does not mean that you have to forget. In fact, you can serve as a reminder for all those who have been lost by the roadside.

As long as you remember to use your gift – the pursuit that puts you in a state of joy and inspire and enlighten others – you will be given full access to your savings account with Spirit and you will be endowed with an infinity of riches to enjoy. Truly, the secret password that unlocks your account with Spirit is nothing other than the living of your highest truth and purpose in life. And the way in which you can “crack” this code, is simply by paying attention to what puts you in a state of bliss and joy. Once you have found this password, you will find that all else will be magically provided for you.

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