The Garden of Eden

“The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make heaven of Hell, and a hell of Heaven.”

John Milton

As a young child, I remember being somewhat bewildered by my mother’s passion for gardening. To me, it seemed pointless as it would be far more time-efficient and less tedious to just go to the local grocery store and buy fresh produce there. And, you wouldn’t have to wait so long for your produce to be ready. Moreover, the entire process seemed boring and repetitive. Till the soil, plant the seeds, and water them, over and over again. Little did I know, in watching my mother work, that I was being taught the secrets of manifestation.

What I am suggesting is that your life, in a very real sense, is like a garden and the outcome of your life is dependent upon your knowledge, and the application of that knowledge, of the gardening process. Let’s examine this notion more deeply. Let’s say you wanted to grow fresh tomatoes in your garden. The process for doing this is incredibly simple. First, you would till the soil to make that it is fertile. If you like, you could even add manure or some type of fertilizer to the soil to ensure that is rich in nutrients. Next, having fertilized the soil you would plant your tomato seeds deep in the soil and cover them over with soil, and leave them there. Lastly, you would make sure to water the lot of soil where you seeds are buried every day; from there you would leave the rest up to the intelligence of the soil and the life-giving rays of the sun. Perhaps within a matter of days you would see sprouts from your seeds breaking through the earth. And then, in a little more time, your tomatoes would be fully ripened and ready for consumption. What a miracle! What was once just a seed, the mere potential of a tomato, has fully blossomed into a delicious, ripe tomato!

Well, these same principles of gardening apply to the way in which we manifest our desires in life. The fertile soil in which we need to bury our desires is the gap, that silent space between thoughts that connect you to Spirit. The process of tilling the soil is the process of meditation. In fact, you could think of mantras and affirmations as a type of fertilizer for your mind. The seeds which we are burying in the fertile soil of the gap are our deepest intentions and desires. We water those seeds of intention with our attention (law of attraction) to them. And the rest we leave to the fertile soil of Spirit and behold as sun rays of synchronicity beam into our lives to show us our intent slowly sprouting into our lives from the realm of the invisible to the visible. And then, when the time is right, we will miraculously see that what started out as a simple intention has blossomed completely, and at last, we are able to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

There is a very simple process that you can use to begin to manifest all of your desire into your life.

1) Write down, very specifically, on a piece of paper all of your deepest held desires for your life, and a very specific time span in which you would like achieve the realization of those desires. (e.g. “to be a millionaire by my 30th birthday,” “to be in a relationship with a beautiful, Buddhist woman by my 30th birthday”)

2) Read over these intentions every time before you go into your daily meditation (Remember, you are planting the seeds of your intention in the fertile ground of Spirit). In addition, make sure to read over (give attention to) these intentions at least twice daily otherwise (Don’t forget to water those seeds of intention).

3) Let go and let God. Allow the intelligence of the universe to begin nurturing your intentions and slowly bringing them into manifestation.

4) Practice present-moment awareness. It is important that you remain present to allow those sun rays of synchronicity to shine in your life. Synchronicity- auspicious coincidence- is the sign that your intentions are beginning to sprout forth, and offer you clues for how you can continue to nurture those seeds.

5) Enjoy the fruits of your labor. In time, you will see the full blossoming of your intention into what it is that you have intended. That which was once just a seed, just potential, has been made actual.
If you want to gain confidence in this miraculous process, I would recommend that you start out with a few manifestation experiments. Perhaps you start by intending to manifest a desire that you know you can manifest in a relatively short time span. In other words, don’t begin with intending to manifest an oak tree, but rather, start out with a small plant. Perhaps make your first experiment the acquisition of a very small amount of money (less than $100) and your time span for trying to achieve this by some specific date (e.g. May 1, 2007) within ten days. So, an example of your intention that you have written down can look like this: to acquire $100 by May 1, 2007. You will be astounded by the results.

Truly, our life is a vast garden, and we have been given all the tools with which to steward that garden. Up to this point, however, you haven’t known how to use these tools. Now, you have sufficient knowledge to bring forth all of your desires. Simply plant the seeds of your intention in the gap, water them with you attention, behold the awesome power of sun rays of synchronicity, and witness the infinite intelligence of the soil of spirit working to bring forth those seeds of intention. And, in time, you shall attest to the fact that truly, we all “reap what we sow.” And soon you will find your garden overflowing with a bounty of all life’s most precious gifts. So much so, in fact, that you may very well find your own garden resembling the mythical Garden of Eden.

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