The Kingdom of Heaven

Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, and all else shall be added unto you.” [Mathew]

The true meaning of this quote from the Bible has tremendous implications for our own experience of wealth. If we understand this verse in the context of Jesus stating that the kingdom of heaven is within us, then the true meaning of this statement is that each of us has the fundamental prerogative of seeking the kingdom of heaven that is within us. In other words, it is our progressive realization of enlightenment that is the true key to prosperity. For, the more we align ourselves with this light, this bliss that is in each of us, spontaneously all of the material things that we desired will be bestowed upon us.

There have been many other ways of expressing this truth. For example, “life works from the inside out,” or “as within, so without.” Self-help expert T.Harv Ecker has an excellent way of putting it: “your money can only grow to the extent that you do.” That is, spiritual growth precedes, and causes, growth of material wealth.

The way in which this truth has been expressed that has the most significance in the overall context of this book is that contrary to the belief that having certain things will allow us to do certain other things that will lead us to being happy, but, quite the opposite is true; being in a certain state of mind will spontaneously alter our habits of thinking, which will cause us to then change our habits of speech, which will eventually lead to us doing certain things, which will, in time lead us to having, and for that matter, not having certain things. So it is our state of being that leads to our habits of thinking, which, in turn, lead to our habits of speech, which dictate our patterns of doing, which, finally will lead to us having, or not having certain things. In other words, being in a state of heaven (peace, bliss) is what leads to us having “heaven on earth.” More precisely, being precedes having.

This is a revisiting of the law of attraction which states that “like attract like.” So, if it is indeed true that our thoughts spring forth from our being, then a state of Being that is “heavenly” (peace, bliss, serenity), will lead to “heavenly” thoughts, and you will find yourself attracting “heavenly” circumstances, situations, events, and people.

So, how does one find the kingdom of heaven within, that they may experience it without? Based on my experience in, and exposure to, the great world wisdom traditions, they all seem to concur that it is some for of meditative practice that allow one access to heaven, peace, enlightenment, Being, etc. And therefore, a cornerstone of abundant living, as we have already established, is the practice of meditation.

The practice of meditation is a very personal, individual practice, and can not really be taught to any one. But, I do highly encourage you to explore the path of meditation, in whatever way you find to be the most effective for you. In doing so, you will be unlocking the gates to the kingdom of heaven and be paving the way for your own experience of heaven on earth.


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  1. Kingdom implies a ruler. Jesus is the ruler that has to be on the throne of your heart/life.
    It’s easy to see that money is the God inside you.

    Comment by Champ — March 18, 2007 @ 9:01 pm

  2. You know, it’s truly amazing to see how perception shifts things…isn’t it? It seems that the more we confine ourselves to the limits of FORM, or the physical, the narrower our perception grows. Growing up in a large family, comprised of Catholics, Hindus, Buddhists, Pentecostals, and Muslims (all faiths chosen by personal choice), I have found that the more we limit ourselves to the form of our choices of faith, the more we become separated. But the true wisdom of every enlightened teacher on this Earth has been to love eachother, to give to eachother, to not judge eachother but to accept eachother just as we are, to have faith and not fear, and most importantly to become More! Jesus said, “be Christlike,” this means that we have the potential to give and love as he did, regardless of cast, creed, sexual orientation, status, or wealth…And this I think is the true nature of Spirit. That it truly is limitless, and that we can create heaven on earth by seeking to become like the one who made us in his/her own image. Money is simply a way to create more abundance in the lives of humanity.

    Much love,

    Comment by Lakshmi — September 29, 2009 @ 8:43 pm

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