The Practice of Inspiration

“Persist. Stay with it. Don’t expect instant gratification. Stay with it and be determined.”

Bill Parcells

Along the way in this long, arduous journey towards transforming our thoughts, that we might transform our lives, we will all fall into the inevitable pitfalls of doubt and despair. That is, no matter how far along this journey we have come it is vitally important that we remain vigilant of being derailed from the path of transformation by our residual negative thinking patterns.

In my own life, I have developed a practice that I have found to be very useful in both preventing such derailments, and getting back on track in the event of falling into those unavoidable moments of despair and doubt. I call this practice the “practice of inspiration.”
Quite simply, the practice of inspiration is using, regularly and consciously, various forms of art and entertainment as a means for uplifting one’s spirit from a place of negativity to one of positivity.

For example, I have always been a big fan of the sport of basketball. In my younger years, the game represented for me physical conditioning, competition, and enjoyment. As I’ve evolved over the years, the meaning of the game for me has also evolved. At this point in my life, I watch the game solely for those moments in which an athlete makes the “impossible possible.” In other words, every so often, an athlete in this sport does something that was previously thought to be impossible, and even inconceivable. In doing so, they transcend what was once thought to be a limitation. And, for the aware observer of such an event, we are all reminded of the greatness of the human mind and spirit, and that truly, we too, are capable of making the impossible possible. So, it is my conscious decision of observing such events, either in real time or through the genius of human archiving (DVD, VHS, streaming videos, etc.) that I am referring to as the practice of inspiration.

Another inspiration practice that I utilize is routinely watching inspirational movies. As a matter of fact, thanks to the pioneering work of film director Stephen Simon, there is now an entire genre devoted exclusively to such films- “spiritual cinema.” In short, spiritual cinema is movies that tell stories of hope, redemption, overcoming adversity, perseverance, the hero’s journey, and other inspiring archetypal journeys. After viewing such a film, I always walk away from the theater feeling incredibly inspired and hopeful, and always reminded, to quote best-selling author Neale Donald Walsch, that “God is with me always, and in all ways.” In short, the practice of inspiration is simply using various forms of art and entertainment as a means of giving oneself a “dose” of inspiration for those moments when you find yourself falling into the illusions of despair and hopelessness along the path of transformation. If you keep in mind the law of attraction, which states that like attracts like, you can see why it is important to avoid falling into negative thoughts and emotions, if even for a few moments. For, it is very possible for those negative thoughts and emotions to attract to you negative conditions, which, in turn, reinforce your negative thoughts and emotions, and launch you into a vicious cycle. The antidote to such an occurrence is the practice of inspiration. This practice can be thought of as a type of “energy drink for the soul.” “Ingesting” this “elixir” provides you with an instant dose of positive thinking that will consequently assure that you continue to attract positive conditions.

So, on a daily basis, some of the practices that I use include listening to inspiring music, watching an inspiring moment in sports history, watching an inspirational movie, and reading an inspiring passage from a variety of spiritual books. I am certain that you will find such practices useful in your own life also, so that you insure that you are always inspired (in-spirit), always attracting to yourself the most favorable conditions.


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  1. An excellent body of work. The points you make and the simple and everyday tools you suggest are so great. You allow the reader to see how easy and effortless the practice of inspiration can be. I am so glad that I have discovered your website. Thank you!

    Comment by Ken Coleman Sr — January 21, 2007 @ 5:09 pm

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