Our emotions are everything. Not many people know this, but the term ’emotion’ is really a contraction for “energy in motion.” This term could more properly be represented as e-motion. And what is this energy in motion towards? You!

Quantum physicists tell us that the fundamental nature of this Universe is energy, and that energy is always in motion. This energy can only move towards other forms of energy that are in motion at the same vibration. Thus, the law of attraction which states that “like energy attracts like energy.”

If our emotions are really “energy in motion”, either vibrating at a high frequency or a low frequency (positive emotion or negative emotion), it must logically follow that our emotions are truly indicators of the types of energy that are in motion towards us. That is, the types of energy that will be attracted to us.

So, it is useful for you to begin to shift your understanding of what exactly your emotions are telling you. From now on, when you notice yourself experiencing negative emotion, you should interpret this as: negative energy is in motion towards me. Likewise, when you notice yourself experiencing positive emotion, you should interpret this as: positive energy is in motion towards me.

Therefore, by law, if we are feeling good, we can only attract good. If we are feeling bad, we can only attract bad. It is that simple.

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  1. Very good thought and logical too.

    Comment by Dhiraj Nair — April 11, 2007 @ 7:17 am

  2. Hello Kevin:
    Thank you for a nicely argued article. I came article by way of Priscilla Palmer’s Personal Development List. Do feel free to pass by my Emotional Intelligence Blog

    Comment by Galba Bright of Tune up your EQ — September 2, 2007 @ 4:58 pm

  3. […] Kevin Kinchen’s article E-motion explians exactly what emotions are and why they are so powerful. He shows that emotions and The Law of Attraction (popularised recetnly by the film and DVD The Secret) are closely connected. […]

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  4. Kevin,

    I found your blog, and specifically this article, by following some links that started with Priscilla Palmer’s list of personal development sites. I’m glad to see you’re writing about the true meaning of feelings. So few people understand this.

    Make it a Good Feeling Day!

    Comment by Jeanie Marshall — September 9, 2007 @ 1:25 pm

  5. hi my name is Lupco and i have started to study and learn more about the powers of our thoughts and have watched the secret many times. i got out of jail in april this year 2008 and while i was in there i started to discover a different me. i started smoking heroin in 2002 and never really stoped until now. even in jail, i was there for under two years and still i was smoking there. from jail they sentme straight to rehab for couple months but didnt agree with there policy and ways of learning how to give up drugs. so i started seeing my own hypno therapist once a week outside the rehab and was amazied with the help and knowlegde i was recieving. i started to understand more about me and my mental powers. my using, smoking heroin and ice cost me round $18 000 a week. so you can imagine how much money i was making?. when i started watching the secret in rehab, the staff there didnt like me watching it. but i said to my one on one consulor that i think this can help me in many ways. he sort of explanied to me the difference between believe you are powerless and not beleiveing you are powerless over your addiction. some things that i cant write here today is something i experienced in the rehab. they say you cant have drugs around you or be with people around you that take drugs. they are right, but only for one of them comments. being around people friends, yes of course it is harder to say no when there smoking in front of you, you will take no doubt. i have relapsed few times already cause i see my old friends. but when im all alone. doing what i wanna do, being around my none using buddys, i feel like im on top of the fucking world. i dont feel like smoking. i just feel like making money. money money. my life starts to shift and i start heading in the direction of my thoughts , desires, love, everything. i believe now that if i concentrate on what i want , i will get it. i can over come my addiction , find that girl that i always have been looking for, start my own family and make mum proud. cause im starting to get sick of this shit. all this time i felt like i was living someone elses dream. now im starting to feel that life has just started to begin. im 29 years of age……….

    Comment by lupco stojcevski — November 24, 2008 @ 11:16 pm

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