Miracles Abound

What is a miracle? Ordinarily, we tend to think of miracles as inexplicable extraordinary events that occur infrequently in our lives. I have come to realize, however, that miracles are, in fact, ordinary occurrences that only appear to be extraordinary. In other words, the extraordinary is ordinary. It is only our perception of life as […]


This entire endeavor, that of creating “Creative Power of Thought” for the purpose of providing humanity with the knowledge of the laws that governs our lives, has been a very auspicious one. The first coincidence came about when I was sitting in my car one day thinking about ways that I could break out of […]

My Cup Spilleth Over

In the movie “The Secret,” Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul spoke about a visualization practice that he utilized in his early days of authorships to multiply his annual income tenfold in one year. He recounts how at the time he was earning $8000 a year, and, under the mentorship of a […]

You Create Your Own Reality

So much of the reason why most of us are dissatisfied with our lives is that we uncritically accept the worldview and perspective of others as our own truth. Rather than relying on our own experience as a means of knowing what is truth, often times, we rely on the experience (or, even worse, those […]


The regular practice of being grateful for all that you have is a powerful practice in terms of increasing one’s abundance because, according to the law of attraction, what we consistently give our attention to most grows stronger and stronger in our lives (whether that thing is something we want or don’t want). So, in […]

Inspired Action

Often times, when people begin to become aware of the creative power of thought, that is the power of deliberately directing our thoughts towards an intended outcome, they neglect the role of physical action in the world, as the bridge between the metaphysical (thought) and the physical (intended outcome). And, of course, on the opposite […]

Entering the Kingdom

Recently, I came to the realization that, as far as western society is concerned, there has been almost a complete loss of the king archetype in modern man. Perhaps this fact contributes to the relative lack of capacity of the modern man to truly create abundance in his life. If you think about the lifestyle […]

Ask and ye Shall Receive: Getting Clear on What You Want

One of the greatest obstacles to experiencing our natural state of abundance is our inability to ask the Universe what it is we really want. A major reason for this is that we are not totally clear on what it is we want. As for getting clear on exactly what it is that you want […]

It’s Not Rocket Science

When it comes to the conception of intelligence in western society, our perception and conceptions of intelligence are very narrow and limiting. For instance, it is commonly accepted that intelligence (though it is a subjective quality) can be measured through standardized tests. That is, it is believed that intelligence can be quantified objectively. Furthermore, often […]

Positive Addiction

“The more you meditate, the less you will need to medicate.” Kevin Kinchen If it is indeed true that human beings are creatures of habit, then this would imply that human beings are, by our very nature, prone to addictions. For, what is addiction other than a deeply entrenched psycho-physiological habit. Thus, if we can […]

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