Ask and ye Shall Receive: Getting Clear on What You Want

One of the greatest obstacles to experiencing our natural state of abundance is our inability to ask the Universe what it is we really want. A major reason for this is that we are not totally clear on what it is we want.

As for getting clear on exactly what it is that you want out of life, this should be a relatively simple process, once one comes to the realization that there are only a few basic wants that human beings have, the variation being in kind rather than type. There are three basic things that all human beings want in order to feel that they are living a truly meaningful and abundant life. The first is material prosperity. At some level, all human beings want to be free from the mundane concerns of material needs and survival. We all want to free our concerns from these things that we can more directly and concertedly pursue what we perceive to be our highest purpose in life. The second is a mate with whom we can share our deepest dreams, fears, hopes, quirks, and vicissitudes of life with. Lastly, we want to have the sense that our life is somehow meaningful and purposeful. That is, we need to have a very clear sense of the life mission which we have incarnated to accomplish on this plane.

In my opinion, there are no other major desires that human beings have for our lives that can not be classified under those three domains: prosperity, love, and purpose. The difference, therefore, between one person’s life and another is simply that some people have not chosen to define those three aspects of life for themselves. Most likely, those who lead lives they don’t enjoy have been living their entire life in accordance with other people’s definition of these three basic desires in life. If you are to truly begin to lead the life you’ve always dreamt of, you must take back your power of self-definition.

A personal example should really help illustrate just how powerful self-definition is. For all of my life I have always identified strongly with being a member of the African-American community. As a result, my definitions for what prosperity, love, and purpose meant were almost entirely informed by my impression of what these basic desires mean to the African-American community, in general. Now, based on our experiences in America to present being those of lack, lovelessness, and despair, it is very difficult for many of us to envision anything greater than these destitute lives. And so, this has been the outcome of much my life because of not asserting my own definitions of prosperity, love, and purpose. I simply accepted the definitions of lack, lovelessness, and despair as the correct definitions for these aspects of life.

Today, however, at this point in my life I have been able to adopt my own definitions of prosperity, love, and purpose. Today, I define prosperity as the reception of the excessive abundance and generosity of this Universe. Today, I define love as the eternal dance with the feminine. And today, I define my purpose as the expression of the eternal, immutable spiritual laws that govern this Universe.

What is your definition of these values and desires? It is important that you really consider how to make these definitions for yourself. In truth, you can never underestimate how profound the influence of this society has been on your thinking about these primal desires. For example, if you are even thinking about prosperity in terms of dollar amount, you have missed the point of the question. What is your definition of these values and desires? For, money is only a symbol of prosperity. It is not prosperity itself. In truth, prosperity is nothing other than the infinite abundance which you are always surrounded by, but seldom glimpse. You are and have always been abundant, but have for a period of time, chosen to forget this fact that you might remember it again, and then come to fully appreciate it. Money is a part of this, but truly, it goes beyond merely the monetary expression of abundance.

And love, it is nothing other than the Universe’s continual sending messages of truth and inspiration to you. This article is being sent to you, through the love of the Universe. In fact, you can think of the Universe as the lover that sends you nothing but love letters. But, sometimes you choose to not acknowledge the advances of this loving Universe. Truly, you are always being sent love; it is just a matter of your accepting it.

And purpose is the continual unfolding of the mystery of your life. For you are on a journey with no beginning and no end that leads to nowhere; which, of course, is now-here. Your highest purpose in life is simply to arrive in the present moment. If you can do that, surrendering to the mystery of life to bring answers to all of your questions, and solutions to your problems, you will see that everything you have ever seen as a problem was simply preparation for the fulfillment of your highest good. The best example I can give comes, once again, from my own life.

A couple of months ago, I was fired from my old job as a counselor at a non-profit called the Denver Center for Crime Victims. Upon being released from that job, I had no idea what I would do to survive. Well, it was at this time of crisis when I learned the most about the principles of manifestation that I had formerly only understood intellectually. In that situation, in that kind of bind (having bills to pay, but no job to earn an income) that I was really forced to put my knowledge of manifestation into action in order to somehow manifest the material things in life I would need to survived. In fact, I learned so much through that time that by the end of it, I had a very strong grasp of these principles. So much so, in fact, that I was even ready to share my understanding with others. And this is the highest good for which that period of difficult had been preparing me for.

So, as you can see, my personal definitions of prosperity, love, and purpose has change greatly over the years. And, with this change, has come a change in the conditions of my life.

I highly encourage you to take some time to define these basic desires for yourself. For, in doing so, you are changing the intention for your own life. And, as we have discussed in previous articles, intent is the driving force behind creation. Surely, with this change of intention will come a new reality around you.

Truly, you will always receive what you are asking for, internally. For, the words you utter come about long after you have already truly asked- through your continued attention to something- for a thing long before you utter the words out loud. Those uttered words are nothing but an indicator that that which you have been constantly thinking about is close to manifesting. Your speaking of a thing is the indicator that the Universe has been impregnated with your intentions and is now preparing for birth. So, it is vitally important that you begin to intend for the most and greatest of everything to flow into your life so that you can ask for it, and always next, receive it.

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