Entering the Kingdom

Recently, I came to the realization that, as far as western society is concerned, there has been almost a complete loss of the king archetype in modern man. Perhaps this fact contributes to the relative lack of capacity of the modern man to truly create abundance in his life.

If you think about the lifestyle of the King, from both a mythical and historical standpoint, it is obvious that the King lives a life of lavish abundance. The fact is that all of have the birthright of beings Kings and Queens, but it is the rare individual that chooses to be royalty.

In contemporary secular spirituality, there is a great deal of talk about manifesting abundance, and living a life of prosperity. But, unbeknownst to most who follow such teachings, and, often time those that expound those teachings is the fact that this choice of abundance and prosperity is available to all of us if we simply learn to activate the king archetype within us.

What this means is that we are all guided by a vision or grand ideal of who we would like to become in life. These guiding visions and ideals correspond to what Carl Jung called the archetypes (e.g. king, warrior, trickster, magician, divine mother, etc.). In other words, these are the guiding visions and ideals which have guided humanity from the most ancient times. As such, they can, to some degree, be classified under certain categories such as the typology developed by Jung.

One guiding vision and ideal that has been largely lost in the mind of modern man (literally those of us that have incarnated as the male gender) is that of living as a King. Every other archetype is well embodied and lived out by most of us, with the exception of the King. And, I am suggesting that the activation of the King archetype within us is the key to living the life of lavish abundance that you desire.

Going back to the lifestyle of the mythical and historical King, we see that there are certain attributes that are universal to the true King. Firstly, the King lives in a castle and has vast territory surrounding his castle. Secondly, the King has abundant riches throughout his land. Also, the King has a Queen that is honored and respected as the royalty she is. And lastly, the King is a servant of the people.

In my article about the movie “The Secret” I stated that the Universe manifest into your experience that which you declare yourself to be through your thoughts and feelings. Well, if you are to have he abundant experience of the King, this means that you will have to learn to think and feel as a King does. And how does a King think and feel. In order to find that answer (one that you must find for yourself) all that you have to do is to visualize yourself living as a King.

Do this practice often throughout the course of your day, and you will find that in short time you will find the conditions of living as a King (money, the wife of your dreams, opportunities to serve) start to manifest in your experience as you begin to think of yourself as a King, and consequently begin to feel like a King.

Now, there is an important part to consider in our understanding of the true King. There is an old saying in the Taoist I Ching that states that, “the ruler serves the people.” Thus, the true King is one, not that regards themselves as a ruler of people, but rather as a servant of the people. And, if you can learn to see yourself as a servant to humanity, than truly, humanity will serve you with the best of all life has to offer. This is the true nature of the King, and thus the true way into the Kingdom of Heaven that is within us. For, who could enter a kingdom but a King? Thus, the great teaching of this wisdom of the Bible is that we must exalt ourselves to the level of King, which is only done through lowering ones head before all of humanity. It is only as we become a true King – that is, a servant of the people- that we will be able to unlock the gates to the King of Heaven, which holds the treasure chest of infinite riches. 

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