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Often times, when people begin to become aware of the creative power of thought, that is the power of deliberately directing our thoughts towards an intended outcome, they neglect the role of physical action in the world, as the bridge between the metaphysical (thought) and the physical (intended outcome). And, of course, on the opposite extreme is people who neglect the importance of deliberately directing our thoughts in order to achieve a desire outcome.

In other words, when it comes to manifesting our desires, most of us are imbalanced toward one of two possible extremes: metaphysical (the creative power of our minds) or the physical (the creative power of our bodies through labor). The fact of the matter is that it is only in striking a balance between what I will term “metaphysical manifesting” and “physical manifesting” that one maximizes one ability to manifest, with greatest ease and enjoyment, ones desires. Let’s examine these extremes in greater detail.

Metaphysical manifesting is focusing exclusively on the role of our thoughts in the creation/manifestation process. That is, a person that has been newly introduced to the law of attraction may have the misguided belief that all that they have to do is think about what it is they want, and then, somehow, perhaps by some supernormal experience, whatever it is they desire will fall of of the sky into their lap. This is not quite how it works. Though it is vitally important that we consistently direct our thoughts toward what it is we want, eventually we will have to take some form of action in the world in order to get whatever it is we desire.

On the other extreme, physical manifesting, could be thought of as the protestant work ethic approach to creation. This ethic suggests that it is only through hard, grueling work that we can achieve our dreams and desires. Of course, recent studies indicate that the prevalence of stress-related illness such as heart disease, strokes, and even cancer are very much related to this work ethic. So obviously, some type of balance is needed.

So, to reiterate, it could be said that there are two diametrically opposed schools or thought when it comes to manifestation. The first, the metaphysical manifesters, falsely believe that if we just sit, visualize, direct our thoughts, etc., we will find all of our desires magically fulfilled for us. The second camp, the physical manifesters, falsely believe that is only through hard work and effort that we realize our goals, dreams, and desires. Both of these camps are partially correct, yet not fully balanced in their approach to manifestation .The way in which they are imbalanced, of course, is in their relationship to action in the world. The first camps relationship to action could be thought of as hypoactive, whereas the second camp is hyperactive. Thus, the balance, and therefore resolution of these approached is to be found in what many teachers of the law of attraction refer to as “inspired action.”

The first camp, though correctly understanding the power of the mind in manifestation is incorrect in its devaluing , or failure to apply physical action in the world. The second camp, though correct in its understanding of the importance of actual action/work in the world, is incorrect in its underemphasis of the power of the mind in manifestation. The correct, and most balanced approach to manifestation is “inspired action.”
Inspired (in-spirit) action is action that is done from a place of mental stillness. Inspired action is action that we do, not from a sense of obligation or routine, but rather because we have heard a faint whisper from Spirit urging us to move. Typically, most of us act because we either feel obligated to do so, pressured by the outside world to do so, or out of routine. As such, these acts could be called acts of desperation (de-spirited). On the other hand, inspired action is action that comes from our own deepest intelligence, our deepest knowing, and, as such, the very prospect of executing this action fills us with joy.

 Truly, it is this action, this inspired action, that is the balanced approach to our manifesting our desires. For, in this approach, we skillfully sidestep the pitfalls of passive idealism (metaphysical manifestaters) and hyperactive skepticism (physical manifesters), and strike a balance that allows us to truly bridge the gap between our desires and their realization. For, in inspired action we are fusing the eternal play of opposites in the metaphysical and the physical, the Spirit and the flesh, the yin and the yang, the feminine and the masculine, and in doing so will be able to impregnate and conceive of your deepest desires in yourself, and through yourself, into the world.  

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  1. I found this article very interesting. I wanted to know the meaning of inspired action. Thank you
    A few years ago I wrote this. I had so many things on my mind. I didn’t know where to turn, One morning I arose and didn’t quiet see, until I turned on the TV. There he was preaching in front of me. My ears were listening; When suddently they heard, Why are you still sitting there in that same old chair, The words were so strong; that it made me wonder, He’s right I’ve been sitting too long. I’ve got Faith so why don’t I use it to open the gate. Gate represents my true happiness what I was put on this earth to do. Live life to the fullest.

    Comment by Elke — May 31, 2008 @ 12:33 am

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