The regular practice of being grateful for all that you have is a powerful practice in terms of increasing one’s abundance because, according to the law of attraction, what we consistently give our attention to most grows stronger and stronger in our lives (whether that thing is something we want or don’t want). So, in making a habit of taking time each day to just be grateful for all that we appreciate about our lives, we are focusing on what is good about our lives, and therefore we are expanding what is good in our lives. There is a very clever phase in esoteric literature that says, “that which we appreciate, appreciates.” That is simply a crafty reformulation of the law of attraction.

When it comes to my own practice of gratitude, I have made it a habit of giving thanks for everything in my life that I am grateful for, every single night before I go to bed in four areas: financial, relationships, health, and purpose in life. Financially, this would be the appropriate time to give thanks for having gainful employment (if such is your condition), or for any unexpected financial gifts you may have received during the day. In the area of relationships, you can give thanks for anything you appreciate about your significant other, family members, closest friends, acquaintances, or even any interesting people you may have met during the day (remember, the quality you most focus on in another is what you will draw out of them; so, if you are currently dissatisfied with your relationships in any of the areas, begin to focus on what you like most about the other to draw those qualities out of them). In the area of health, if you are currently well, be grateful for your wellness, as well as everything that contributes to your wellness including your medication and nourishing meals. If you are not currently well, perhaps you can be grateful for intermittent moments of wellness that you may be experiencing throughout the day. And, as for purpose in life, you can be grateful for any auspicious coincidence that may have occurred during the course of your day. Being grateful for synchronicities that brought you closer to the realization of your intentions is especially potent, because paying attention to synchronicities (which, by law, causes them to increase ) will accelerate the speed by which your intentions manifest.

So, an “attitude of gratitude” is a very powerful practice in helping creating the life of your dreams. I utilize this practice every single night before I go to bed, and I have been amazed to see that all I am grateful for is constantly expanding. Apply this practice to your own life, and behold the miracles that blossom forth into your own life.

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  2. great post.

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