My Cup Spilleth Over

In the movie “The Secret,” Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul spoke about a visualization practice that he utilized in his early days of authorships to multiply his annual income tenfold in one year. He recounts how at the time he was earning $8000 a year, and, under the mentorship of a teacher of the law of attraction learns how to use this law to increase his income to $100,000 in only one year’s time. The practice was for him to take a one dollar bill, add five zeroes to the bill (thus making it a symbolic $100,000 bill) and post that bill over the ceiling above his bed so that it would be the last thing he saw every evening as he went to bed, and the first thing he would see every morning as he woke from sleep. The logic here is that in giving consistent attention to what he wanted, he would begin to attract it into his life.

After doing this symbolic visualization for a period of a couple of months he noticed that opportunities for dramatically increasing his income began to spontaneously come into his life. At years end, he earned approximately $92,000. He fell slightly short of his goal, but was more than pleased with the result of this practice.

You can adapt this practice in your own life as a wealth creation experiment. In fact, I want to challenge you to dream beyond the mediocre standards that society has given you for success. Here is the experiment:

1) go onto the world wide web
2) go to Google’s search engine and in the search tab, type in ‘one million dollar liberty bill’
3) click on the image for the lady liberty one million dollar bill
4) print a dozen copies of this image at full-size
5) cut out these million dollar bills and post them any place in your home that you look at frequently (mirrors and doors are some good places)
6) behold the auspicious coincidences as well as creative inspiration that begin to come to you
I realize that the idea of becoming a millionaire may seem farfetched or even inconceivable for you, but in my mind, living an entire life in the “middle class” or in the working class is more farfetched. Firstly, human beings were never intended to spend our lives as “workers,” living a working class existence. On the contrary, we are magnificent creators intended to hone our creative abilities on this physical plane, constantly manifesting our grandest dreams into physical form. Scripturally, we are taught that we are created in the image and likeness of the creator. As such, we too must be creators.

Furthermore, the notion of people being “middle class” is a great myth that exists in our society. In truth, there is no such thing as a middle class. The fact is that as far as traditional work environments are concerned, one is either an employer or an employee. In other words, one either works for someone, or has others work for you. There is no middle ground here. So, as we can see, in traditional work environments, there are really only two classes of people: the working class and the master class. By thinking of oneself as a creator, rather than a worker, you are stepping outside of the traditional work paradigm, and freeing yourself to live the life you were truly meant to live. So, why not unleash your creative power in the direction of true prosperity. For, if you truly understand that your “Father” has an unlimited supply, you will understand that you are truly worthy of having it all.

Wallace Wattles, author of “The Science of Getting Rich” talks about our perception of lack stemming from our only paying attention to the “visible supply.” But, he suggests that there is an “invisible supply” with the Father/Mother that is readily available for us if we only ask. So, knowing that your Father/Mother has an invisible supply that is unlimited, you should begin to ask for more than you ever imagined asking for. After all, what is a million dollars in contrast to an infinite supply? I say to you, it is but a drop in a vast ocean. And certainly, you are deserving of that and more. Though your cup may now be empty, if you would but ask, the Father/Mother will fill up your cup, and soon, you will find that your cup spilleth over. 

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