This entire endeavor, that of creating “Creative Power of Thought” for the purpose of providing humanity with the knowledge of the laws that governs our lives, has been a very auspicious one.

The first coincidence came about when I was sitting in my car one day thinking about ways that I could break out of the 40-hour-a-week work routine, and do work that is meaningful for me. I looked on the floor of my passenger seat and saw a book entitled, “Setting Up an Internet Site for Dummies.” The thought entered my mind that maybe I should start some type of website.

The next day, while browsing through a Border’s Book Store I saw a book on a stool entitled “The Law of Attraction” by Jerry and Esther Hicks. I opened the book and read the first thirty pages of the book before I closed it. When I walked out of that bookstore I felt as if I had had some type of epiphany. For years, I had studied the “science of creation.” But formerly, had no real understanding of the law of attraction, the essence, and most important principle of this science. After reading those thirty pages, I felt as if I finally “got it.” At last, I had mastered the “science of creation,” and was now ready to create the type of life I’ve always wanted to live.

As a matter of fact, my knowledge felt so complete at that moment that I felt as if I was even ready to begin teachings these principles to others. It was then that I decided I would create a website devoted to the dissemination of the principles of the science of creation.

Shortly thereafter, I decided to call a long-time friend of mine, who is both proficient in the science of creation and web design. I proposed to him that we construct a website together that would spread teachings on the science of creation. He told me that he had been thinking about doing something like that in the last couple of days. We took this as a sign that this was meant to happen.

The next and perhaps, most auspicious coincidence that happened was when I was standing in a used bookstore in Boulder, CO named “The Book Worm.” There I found a book that seemed very interesting entitled “There Are No Accidents: Synchronicity and the Story of Our Lives.” While holding this book in my hand, I started to overhear a conversation about the Law of Attraction, and this new movie that is all about this law called “The Secret.” Politely, I entered my way into the conversation, and the woman that was talking told me that I should see this movie that is all about the Law of Attraction. To think, while holding a book about synchronicity in my hands, and to experience a powerful synchronicity at that very moment!

Having received these signs that this website was the right direction for me to go in, I began to sit down and begin writing rough drafts of what I intended to later become articles that would be posted on the site. Much to my surprise, these supposed rough drafts were spontaneously coming forth from me, almost as if they were channeled. There was a knowledge, a wisdom, that began to flow through me onto the pages of my notebook that reached depths that I didn’t know were inside of me. Truly, this knowledge was flowing from my Higher Self onto the page.

Today, on my way to a local coffee shop that I frequent to sit and write in, I saw a sticker posted in the conglomeration of newsstands just outside the coffee shop that read “Think Good Thoughts.” This sticker is an advertisement for a website that creates t-shirts with affirmations on them. This was yet another sign that my purpose for this phase of my life is simply to remind people to think good thoughts, for truly, in time, those good thoughts will become good things.

Synchronicity, in the overall scheme of individual destiny is nothing other than the Universe putting up road signs to guide you on your journey through the highway of life. If you would but follow them you will find yourself arriving safely and comfortably at your desired destination, which is your destiny.

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  2. they say what you truly want you already are and when you are going the right way with love, the doors burst open, paths widen, signs appear and voila there you are, i have found this to be true of myself, by thinking good thoughts, you are bringing full awareness to mind and dissolving blocked energy of subconscious, seat of habit, conscious living, bringing all of energy to NOW

    Comment by Sheelaghmarie — April 19, 2007 @ 3:19 am

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