The Mystery of Intent

In “The Law of Attraction” by Jerry and Esther Hicks, they recommend a very powerful process to assist in the deliberate creation of your reality. This process is called “segment intending.” The gist of this process is that in the course of a day, our life is naturally broken down into several segments, each of which, it is beneficial to step into with intent. For example, some of the segments of life which you will live through in a day may include segments such as: getting ready for work; driving to work; starting your work day; leaving work for home; spending time with your family; getting ready for bed. In this hypothetical breakdown of a typical day, it could be said that that particular day consisted of six major segments (of course, you could add minor segments like going out to lunch or going to the bathroom). The point which they are trying to convey in this section of the book is that we can dictate the occurrences in each of these segments if we but simply step into each of these segments with deliberate intent. That is, we can deliberately create all of the segments of a typical day to flow in a manner which is consistent with our deepest longing, rather than experiencing each of the segments of our life as random events that just happen to us. In other words, intent is the pen by which we write the script of our lives.

Most of us, as a result of societal conditioning, experience our lives as simply a series of random events that is just happening to us. That is, we are unaware of the fact that we are the authors of our life because we have been made to believe that we are but actors in a script that is written by everyone but us. This is to say that we live out our lives as victims. If you really listen to the worldview of just about every person you meet, you will find that built into their worldview is some type of victimizer outside of themselves that is causing their lives to be the way it is. This victimizer wears guises as diverse as a vengeful God, the Devil, the government, the terrorists, the rich, men, white people, and so on. The point is that many of us have utterly bought into the social indoctrination that teaches us that our lives are somehow at the mercy of some force, some individual, or some group of people, rather than the mercy of our own intent.

This is an assertion of free will. The doctrine of free will, in the context of the law of attraction, is simply the western philosophical traditions way of asserting the fact that each of us creates our own reality, based on the script which we are writing with our thoughts. When we talk about the creative power of thought, we are really talking about thought as the words that appear on the manuscript of our life, and intent as the pen by which those words are written. Thus, the creative power of thought is equally the creative power of intent. Though it is thought that creates the story of our lives, it is intent that shapes thought. Thus, intent is the ultimate source of creation.

The way in which this applies in your own life has been illustrated best in the findings of quantum physics. Quantum physicists, in doing research on the nature of photons of light, discovered that light has properties of both waves and particles, depending only on the presence or absence of an observer. In short, what these researchers discovered is that photons of light exists as waves, as potential, spread out over space and time until they are observed under a microscope by the researcher. The implications of this are that all of the material world exists only as a field of possibilities until that field of possibilities is collapsed into an actual expression by observation by a conscious observer. In other words, the world can’t exist without a consciousness to give rise to it. To put it another way, we create our own reality. And we do this by intent, whether that intent is conscious or not. What we intend to manifest is what must manifest because this research has taught us that nothing matters (is materialized) until something (our consciousness) makes it matter. The answer to the age-old paradox about a tree falling in a forest and no one hearing it is no. If a tree fell in the forest and no one heard it can only mean that a tree didn’t actually fall in the forest. For, the deepest implication of this groundbreaking discovery in physics is that there is no experience outside of human consciousness. The world that we perceive to be outside of us is nothing other than a projection of our consciousness. As the mystics have stated, we are not in the world, but rather the world is in us.

 So, practically what this means for you and your life is that the world, being nothing but a projection of your own consciousness, can literally be molded into the form in which you choose it to be. In truth, the world, being a field of pure potentiality is like an infinite mass of clay. You, the observer, have the responsibility of using the chisel of intent to mold that mass of clay into the form in which you wish to see it manifest. For free will (will is another term for intent) is, ultimately, the assertion of the freedom we have to mold reality into whatever form we choose, scrap that creation, and start over as many times as we choose. Truly, there is nothing that none of us can not be, do, or have, because we have all been endowed on this journey of life with the only tool we need to chisel our life into the masterpiece it was meant to be; that tool is the chisel of intent. If you would but wield this mighty tool in each of the segments of your day, week, month, year, and life, you will soon find that your life will be a gallery holding the most masterful creations.


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