A Creative Being

Have you ever noticed that the most successful people in life are always the most creative? According to societal convention, the proper way for an adult human to live their life is to spend the bulk of their waking life working a job, and then, when you are 65 years of age, you are, at last, allowed to retire from your cumbersome duties. That is, we are conditioned to think of ourselves as workers.

A less traditional path, one that tends to lead to true success is that of the creator. The creator, unlike most in our society, has recognized the limitations of living life within the worker mold, and had, consequently, chosen to live their life as a creator rather than a worker. These people, unlike the herd, have chosen to direct their imaginative, intuitive, and intellectual capacities towards bringing into the world something that has never before existed. As such, that which they create is of immense value in the marketplace as it has the quality of originality- a quality that is always of value in any society at any point in human history.

In fact, a commonly accepted definition of business is the “art of creating value.” Thus, the secret to success in the business world is utilizing your own creativity in such a way that will be of value to others. And, if you accept the premise that human beings are innately creative beings, it should not be of much difficulty for anyone to use their creativity to create something that is of value to others. This is because, as human beings, we are all unique beings, unlike anyone that has ever been, or that ever will be. Just think about this. No matter how much you may have in common with another, you will still find that in some ways you differ from each other. In other words, there has never been, nor will there ever be another human being with your unique physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and biographical makeup, and therefore, you are an utterly unique being. So, the expression of your unique physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and biographical makeup must, by definition, be a unique act of creativity. For, the “equation” produced by combining all of the unique factors that makeup you, must be at least slightly variant of everyone else’s equation.

Someone once said that all art -I would add, for that matter, all science- is biographical. In other words, every act of creation is ultimately the telling of our own life story, no matter what the medium through which the story is being told. In some form of expression, the biographical nature of the creation is more evident than in others. But, if you look closely enough, you can see that even an athlete in their particular sport tells their life story in the way they relate to the sport. In the sport of basketball, for instance, there are so many unique styles of play depending on the individual athletes’ physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and biographical makeup. Some players, coming from more challenging, impoverished backgrounds convey this aspect of their story in their relentless, fearless style of play. Other players, perhaps coming from families where they were the only child play this team sport as if they were the only child. They tend to be selfish players. Others, coming from families or communities that are more community-oriented tend to be very unselfish in their play. And on and on we could go. The point I that if you look the right way, you can see that truly all art is biographical.
Going back to the point about creating value in the lives of others, there may not be anything of greater value that we have to offer others than our life story, no matter what medium we use to convey it through. For, in the end, what more is a human life but a story of tragedy and triumph? And, it is through the contrast of others’ stories that we are able to make sense of our own lives. So, truly the offering of ones own story to the world is a great gift. That is, it is of value to others. Thus, I say to you that you should tell your story in whatever way you know how to tell it. Whatever the medium (painting, sculpture, fiction, essay, philosophy, etc.) your story is of great value in the lives of others.

And this is precisely what I mean by thinking of yourself as a creator rather than a worker. This was understood well by the great actor and martial artist Bruce Lee when he stated that to him, ultimately, martial arts meant honestly expressing himself. In other words, martial arts were the medium through which he could tell his story. I advise you to do likewise. Find a medium through which you can honestly express yourself and all else will be handled for you.

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