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Recently I had the privilege of attending a very informative, inspiring, and powerful career planning workshop. The workshop, put on by an organization called “A Brighter World” in Boulder, CO, touched on principles of creating a life based on a more heart-centered approach to career planning and preparation. The basic premise of the workshop is that all that we have to do to experience more success in our life is to open ourselves to receiving more love. Love, this organization suggests, is constantly pouring into our lives; the problems that we experience as lack, loneliness, and meaninglessness in our lives are not inherent to the experience of living as human beings but are, rather, a result of us closing ourselves off to the reception of love in all of its manifestations as financial abundance, loving relationships, and meaningful vocation.

The reason for this closing ourselves off from receiving from this loving Universe is the fact that most of us are actually afraid of the world based on past experiences of abuse that we have all experienced in our lives. And, as a result of this fear that has put in all of us by various sources (parents, friends, family members, religious institutions, etc.) many of us develop what is often spoken of in the Shambhala lineage of Buddhism as “the cocoon.” The cocoon is the protective layer most of us walk around with in order to protect ourselves from experiences of abuse similar to ones we’ve experienced before (sexual abuse, psychological abuse, physical abuse, etc.) The unintended result of this protective covering, this cocoon, is that we unintentionally end up shielded ourselves from receiving the love (monetary abundance, loving partner, dream job) that is constantly showering into our lives. Though the formation of this cocoon was wise and appropriate at the time of its creation, in time, it becomes the very thing which blocks you from receiving all that it is you deeply desire in life.

The solution to this problem of the cocoon- the protective psychological strategies you have formulated against life (i.e. deep-seeded deceptions about the nature of the Universe)- is simply for you to learn to trust your own wisdom about the fundamental loving nature of this Universe. Einstein once said that there is only one question that matters in life: is the Universe that we live in friendly or unfriendly? The answer that you give to this question dictates the experience that you have of it.

You see, looking back on the whole of your life experiences, it should be obvious that the number of experiences you have had of the Universe have been far more friendly than unfriendly. Think about it. I am willing to bet that at some point in our lives as human being, every single person on this planet has experienced some form of abuse. And, for some reason, many of us after going through those abusive experiences decide to only notice those experiences to the exclusion of every positive and friendly experience we have had of this Universe. The cocoon is, then, the fundamental deception we build at the moment of abuse or unfriendliness that tells us that this experience is more reflective of the nature of life then all of the other experiences we have had in lie. Thus, the cocoon is the lie that this Universe is not friendly based solely on intermittent experiences of an apparently unfriendly Universe. And this, too, is nothing more than a failure in ability to “read” the Universe. That is, this is a misinterpretation of the fact that the Universe is always and only friendly in its gestures towards us, but since our perceptions are locked within the framework of space and time, we can not see the broader picture of infinity which is always expanding and evolving. In other words, everything that has ever or could ever happen in our lives only ever serve the purpose of perfecting us. And is, therefore, always a friendly gesture by the Universe, especially those gestures that seem the least friendly (i.e. the various forms of abuse many of us believe ourselves to have experienced in life).

Thus, if you are looking to attract your dream job (and dream anything for that matter) into your life, all that you have to do is to remove the cocoon of deception from your field of vision and allow yourself to look at the world with fresh eyes. With these eyes, the “eyes of spirit,” you will allow yourself that vision which was once so common to you when you were but a small child. With these eyes you will look out at the world and see once again that this world is a most wonderful playground with an infinity of toys seen and unseen. Just become you fell off the swing once a long time ago and scraped your knees doesn’t mean that this is the experience you will have this time. For, this time around you know that though you need never fear, you must exercise caution. Fear, the cocoon, has taught you that because you were hurt once you must never go on the swing again. Caution, the eyes of spirit, tells you that you should get on the swing again, but this time be more careful. Though you have had experiences of financial gain and loss before, you mustn’t give up entirely on financial matters. This time around, simply make the decision to really pursue work that you truly love.

And this is very simple once you have given up the deception of the cocoon. Having removed the veil of the cocoon from your eyes, you will look out on the world and know that anything you could ever desire in this world is yours for the asking. For, this Universe being infinitely friendly and generous, that is, loving, sees you as its beloved child who it would do anything for, including granting the fulfillment of your most outrageous whims. So, if you are truly ready to do work that you really love and are inspired by, all that you have to do is ask. In a sense, all that you have is ask the Universe to sponsor you in being who you really are. Many of us, tend to think that there is a disconnect between who we are in our dreams, and who we have to be to make a living. The fact of the matter is that the people that are the most successful in life are those that have learned to ask the Universe to pay them to play. That is, they have asked the Universe to take care of all of their material needs in order to free up their time to do things that they really love to do. The Universe, that infinitely friendly and generous genie in a bottle always answers by, “your wish is my command”, and manifests whatever it is you ask for into your experience. So, if you are truly ready to have that job of your dreams, all that you have to do is ask in plain words that the Universe give you whatever amount of financial prosperity you are ready for, in exchange for doing whatever it is you love to do, and surely, soon, it will be yours.

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  1. Welcome to the April 12, 2007 edition of positive mindset and wealth creation….

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  2. Sounds very much like the Law of Attraction.
    All the things we have in our lives is because we attracted them into our lives.

    Through our thoughts, we have made them appear in our lives, whether they be your dream job or your dream relationship.

    Here’s an exclusive interview with Bob Proctor, from the movie The Secret that may be of interest to you.

    Click here –
    (or highlight the link above and paste into the browser address bar)

    Comment by Eureka Mindworks — May 11, 2007 @ 6:50 pm

  3. Sorry that link should have been:-

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