Mastery of Money

In truth, money is actually an aspect of being alive as human beings that is quite easy to master. Money, like all things in life is attracted to you in accordance with your true thoughts about it. For instance, if your predominant thoughts about money are that it is evil, or that only evil people have lots of money, and therefore you do not want to have massive amounts of such evil in your life, then surely you will only attract minimal amounts of money into your life. Or, perhaps based on your background of growing up in poverty, your predominant thoughts about money (based on your experience) are that you never have enough of it. And, of course, by law, this thought must be made manifest in your reality as your continued experience of money. That is, you will always have the experience of never having enough of it.

In other words, the statement, “thoughts become things,” is the fundamental truth of life that you must understand if you are going to transform any aspect of your life. In this case, we are talking about money, but this truth applies to every other aspect of your life, including your experience of health and relationships.

Once you begin to observe in your life that everything you think inwardly eventually manifests outwardly, you will begin to understand that all you have to do to shift your external relationship to money is to shift your internal relationship to money.

The most effective “trick” I have come up with for doing this is simply to take a moderately valuable (e.g. $50 bill) paper note and to tape it up somewhere in your bedroom where you are certain to see it every single day. Then, you simply make a commitment to always leave that paper note posted there, never to spend it.

The value of this trick is that in simply noticing every morning and evening this paper note you have posted in your bedroom, is in the simple fact that this will force you to acknowledge that money is currently a part of your experience, and therefore will begin to initiate a shift in your thinking about money from that of “not having” to that of “always having.” In other words, making this change in your external environment will actually lead to a shift in your “internal environment” in regards to your thinking about money. Whereas currently your thinking about money may be that you never have enough of it, as a result of this exercise your thought about money will be that you always have it (because in fact you do as evidenced by this paper note you have posted in your living space). And, again, in time, this inner shift in thought will eventually manifest outwardly as an external shift in your experience of and relationship to money. That is, you will soon find that you do indeed always have money.

The truth is that wealth really is a state of mind. Wealth consciousness is that state of mind that knows that money is just one form of energy, and that you have access to an infinite source of energy within you that, when tapped into will manifest into your experience as the infinite That is, the kingdom of heaven (as well as hell, for that matter) is within you, and it is your thoughts that determine which will manifest into your experience. When you are thinking thoughts of lack and limitation, then you are experiencing the “abyss of hell” inwardly, and this is what will manifest outwardly. When you are thinking thoughts of gratitude and abundance, you are experiencing the “kingdom of heaven” within, and this is what must manifest outwardly.

So, as for the subject of money, this simple tool of posting a moderately valuable paper note somewhere in your room, and noticing every day and night that you have money in your life, is especially effective in creating the inner shift in your relationship to money (i.e. this will create the new thought about money that, “I always have money in my life”) that will lead to an outer shift in your experience of money. More precisely, this new thought will eventually manifest as a new thing in your life as material abundance and prosperity.

When you are truly ready to attract more money into your life, do this exercise and learn to be grateful for whatever amount of money is currently in your life, and certainly it will grow. There is an old saying that applies well here: “ that which you appreciate, appreciates.” That is, it grows.

And so I say to you that truly the mastery of money is to be found in gratitude for the money that you do currently have (no matter how nominal an amount that may be). When you practice gratitude, literally thanking the Universe for what it is you now have, you affirm in your thinking that you do indeed have, and therefore the Universe must manifest in accordance with you thinking. You will be given the experience of more having.

Therefore, the true secret to the mastery of money is for you to make a practice of often giving thanks for the money you currently have in your life. This simple act of appreciate will, again, lead to the appreciation (expansion) of your wealth and this will insure that you are always attracting wealth and prosperity into your life.

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