A Match Made in Heaven

In order to manifest our desires and intentions into our lives, it is of the utmost importance that we first learn to become a “vibrational match” with our desires and intentions.

When it is said that if we ask we shall receive, it is important to understand that the intermediary step between our asking for what it is that we desire and receiving that desire is matching. That is, becoming a vibrational match to your desires. Vibrational matching is simply the process of finding the “feeling place” of what it is you desire in the present moment, as if you have already received whatever it is you have asked for. In a sense, this vibrational matching is really our learning to receive that which we have asked for internally, in order for it to manifest into our experience externally.

This is a very important point to understand: you can not receive your desire externally until you first receive it internally. And all that this means is that you must learn to match your inner state of being now with the way you will feel later, when you actually do receive that you which you have asked for.

Why is this? The fundamental truth that must be understood in order to comprehend why we must internally receive before we can externally receive is that saying that has been passed onto us by the mystics that came before us: “we are not in the world, the world is in us.” What this means is that the world that that we perceive to be “out there” is, in fact, nothing other than the projection of our own mind, outwards. In other words, there really is no world “out there.” The world that we falsely perceive to be outside of us is actually nothing other than a mirror reflecting back to us the true state of own mind. I have often called the deepest intelligence inside of each of us our Inner Being, and likewise the phenomenal world can be thought of as our Outer Being. The world is nothing more than the projection of our mind.

Thus, we must receive internally before we can receive externally because the external is actually borne of the internal. Mind is a cause, matter is an effect. Thus the saying “mind over matter.” And, when it comes to the process of manifesting our desires it could be said that “mind precedes matter.” That is, what happens in the mind causes and precedes what happens in the world. And therefore, the entire process of manifestation, from asking to receiving, must happen in the mind before it can happen in the world.

Thus, the simplest way to understand manifestation is to understand this three step process. 1) Ask for whatever it is you desire. 2) Become a vibrational match with that thing that you desire. 3) Receive it externally. Let’s explore each of these steps in greater detail.

1) Asking. The statement, “ask and ye shall receive” could more appropriate be put, “intend and ye shall receive.” As I have suggested in previous articles, anything you intend to experience you must experience because intent is the force that initiates movement in the cosmos. So, manifestation must, by necessity, begin with an intention for what is you would like to happen. Thus, the starting point for you to apply this truth in your life is to literally write out a specific intention(s) for what it is you would like to bring into your life (e.g. it is my intention to be a millionaire by January,1, 2008).

2) Vibrational Match. This is the act of receiving your desire internally by matching the emotional state you would have if you already had that which you intended to have right now. There are many ways to put yourself into this place of uplifted emotion including meditation, prayer, and physical exercise. In short, you must make a regular, daily practice of feeling as good now as you would if you already had that which you have asked for.

3) Receiving. When you have learned to set an intention, and to always be in vibrational alignment with that intention, it is only a matter of time before that which was once only held in your mind will be held in your hands.

This really is the entire process of manifesting your desires into physical form. It is said that the kingdom of heaven is within you. This kingdom is really just the place of your greatest joy and bliss that is deep within you. And surely, if you can learn to stay centered in this place of heaven, you will always be a vibrational match to your grandest desires in life. In fact, if you could learn to always be a vibrational match to this place of heavenly joy, you would find that this vibrational “match made in heaven” would be the catalyst to your receiving externally all that you have ever desired in life.

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