Earnings vs. Savings

Unfortunately, in this society, many of the most conscious and compassionate people have a great aversion to earning large amounts of money. Part of the reason for this, I believe, is because they realize that it would be unfair to the world’s poor for them to have so much, in a world where there are so many that have so little. What these people do not understand is that it is possible (and perhaps even more compassionate) to allow oneself to earn a great amount of wealth, while retaining only a small portion of it.

It is my belief that if more kind-hearted people would allow themselves to earn a vast amount of money, the condition in which the world is in could only change for the better. As it stands, a great many of the world’s wealthiest people are cruel and greedy, and therefore, only know how to use the immense power that material wealth affords you to do further acts of cruel injustice in this world. It is, therefore, a sad fact that the kindest and most compassionate people in the world are not wiling to join the worlds wealthy simply because they have the misguided belief that power (in this case material wealth) corrupts.

Money, which is power in this world, is in no way corrupting. The true effect that money has on a person is that of a brutally honest mirror that reflects back to you that which you really are. So if, for example, you are a person that is unconsciously prone to sex and drug addictions, you would not know this about yourself because you don’t have the means to explore such addictions in the state of poverty. But, once you acquire a significant amount of wealth, all of a sudden, you have almost unlimited access to the entire spectrum of vices (and virtues) that this world has to offer. It would be then that you would discover the degree to which you are corrupt, as well as the degree to which you are virtuous. The point is that it is not the money-power that corrupts you, but rather, it was the money that gave you the free reigns to, for the first time in your life, fully express your most corrupt desires.

Given this, it is understandable why many people avoid allowing themselves access to such power- they may be afraid what they will do with it. However, contrary to the many people that would shun such power out of fear of what parts of themselves will be exposed (e.g. sex addict, drug addict, etc.), I believe a better approach would be to hold back from acquiring such wealth until you have done a rather complete psychological inventory on yourself. That is, before declaring to the Universe that you are ready for material prosperity, take an honest look at your own shadow (dark aspects of the unconscious we like to pretend aren’t in us) and assess how powerful certain destructive urges are within you. If you find in this self-assessment that certain dark urges are overwhelmingly powerful within you, you may need to work through these prior to calling forth vast sums of money into your experience, lest you use this money-power in self-destructive ways.

Here are a few questions worth asking yourself to determine if you are ready to have a great amount of money-power in your life:

1) Do you have an insatiable sexual appetite?
2) Have you ever been sexually abused? If yes, are you still dealing with the after-effects of that experience?
3) Do you spend a disproportionate amount of the money you currently have on drugs and/or alcohol?
4) Do you often entertain perverse sexual fantasies?
5) Do you often entertain fantasies of inflicting cruel punishment on others?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it is worthwhile to try to resolve these issues through some type of counseling or therapy prior to calling forth money-power into your life. As we’ve illustrated, amassing a fortune now would only have the effect of allowing you to act out these destructive and self-destructive desires and habits to a greater extent than you can now.

With that said, let’s go back to the initial point of earning, as opposed to saving money. If you are a lightworker and have the means to work through deep-seeded psychological issues that would be exposed as corrupt upon the introduction of money-power, you should open yourself to receiving as much money-power as possible.

As I outlined in a previous article, Money: The Root of All Good, there is much good that can be done in the world with money, if only the most conscious people would acquire wealth and channel that wealth towards worthwhile and necessary causes like cancer research, AIDS research, ending world hunger, domestic violence, sexual assault, and so on. Furthermore, it must be understood that though you may choose to earn a great amount of wealth, it is not necessary for you to retain that wealth. Rather, if you are really concerned about the state of this world we live in, you would tithe the majority of the money you earn (once you start earning in the millions) towards causes that would uplift the condition of the world.

In conclusion, now that you truly understood the type of power that money really is, you must be cautious in amassing it, as it may lead to the exposure of your latent corrupt desires and habits. But, if you can work through these issues prior to ever acquiring a great amount of money-power, you must make a point of acquiring, and channeling towards the most noble causes as much money as you possible can. In recent news, we have been made aware of the philanthropic works of two of the world’s wealthiest people: Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates. They understand very well the proper use of this power, and are doing a great deal of good in this world. If you truly do care about the state of this world, I suggest you follow their lead. Acquire as much wealth as you possibly can, and use that wealth to make this world we live in a better place for all of us.

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