The spiritual job search

I once read somewhere that eighty-five percent of people acquire their current job through the recommendation of a friend. This is contrary to the misguided belief that the proper way to find a job is constructing resumes, internet searches, classified searches, emails, faxes, persistent phone calls, and so on. Rather, the true secret to successfully conducting a job search is to treat your entire life as an interview. That is, realizing that the vast majority of people find their jobs as a result of establishing a meaningful connection with another human being, you should focus on presenting yourself to the world in a way that is consistent with the type of job opportunity you would like to attract.

What I am saying here touches on a principle that I have elaborated on in previous articles which is that of being preceding doing, which, in turns precedes your having that which you have desired to have. This same wisdom has been captured in our culture in the saying, “fake it til you make it.” This is simply another way of saying that you must learn to be that which you want to be before you can indeed be that which you envision yourself to be.

Recently I have been studying one of the great iconic figures of the twentieth century, Muhammad Ali, and came to realize that this was something he understood well and lived every day in his life. If you are a student of history, black history, or even boxing history, you should well know that long before the world came to acknowledge him as the “greatest of all time” he consistently – and often to the chagrin of the world- proclaimed himself to be that. All that he was doing was faking it until he made it. In other words, Ali understood that in being in his own mind (or at least constantly trying to convince himself that this was true) that which he eventually wanted to become, he would initiate the thoughts consistent with this state of being, which would, in turn, lead to him doing actions that the greatest of all time would do, which would in turn lead to him having all that the greatest of all time would. He understood quite well the mechanics of manifestation, as evidenced by what he manifested in his own life – him becoming the greatest of all time.

So, in your own life, if you are to have the life of your dreams, you must learn to be that which you want to eventually become right now. Therefore, if you eventually want to become, for example, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you must right now begin to present yourself to the world as if you already were the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, in terms of your overall self-presentation to the world of dress, speech, and manner. Projecting your future into the present will only have the effect of the world responding to you as that which you are projecting, and before you know it, the future will merge into your present reality.

Going back to our initial point about how most people find their current job through a friend, and therefore, all chance meetings should be treated as interviews, means that being that which you envision yourself becoming will lead to you attracting people that are currently in the position which you would someday like to be. Think about it. People that present themselves to the world as thugs attract other thugs; people that present themselves as athletes attract other athletes; hippies attract other hippies; and so on. Therefore, the way in which the law of attraction (like attracts like) applies to your job search is that if you learn to be that which you seek, that which you seek will be attracted to you. Thus, the best advice I can give you in your job search is to learn to match your current dress, speech, and manner with that of the type of position you would like to be in, and certainly you will attract the type of people that are currently doing that type of work (they will want to connect with you because your overall styles in life are consistent with each others) to you.

It has been said that the great philosopher Nietzsche’s entire philosophy can be reduced to the importance of style. This point that I am trying to make about how people will matching styles are drawn to each other in life is the essence of what I am trying to say about life as an interview. Every type of employment can, in a sense, be evaluated in terms of the overall style of the people that are in that type of environment. What type of dress is required in the position you want to attract? Is it suit and tie? Is it t-shirt and jeans? How do people speak in the position you want to attract? Do they speak the king’s English? Do they speak broken English? What kind of mannerism to these people have? Are they upright and dignified in their manner? Are they harsh and abrasive? All of these things are part of what I mean when I speak of the style of a position. If you can successfully evaluate the style of the position which you would like to attract to yourself, and learn to mold yourself into that style, you will find that the only people that are drawn to you are those whose style (because they are in that position you are seeking) matches your. And from there, it is only a matter of connecting with the new people which you draw into your life, and flushing out the way in which these relationships can be beneficial to all parties involved, the least of which is your own financial life.

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I need all the help that I can get! I think that my problem is that I am trying too hard to manifest what it is that I want – which is money!

    Comment by Martina — June 10, 2009 @ 2:30 am

  2. The principles that you describe hear are all to do with the material world and have nothing to do with spirituality. Spirituality is the descovery of the creator. True, we must equivalate to his form or in other words his traits in order to become like him but you cannot put yourself and your own worldly goals as a spiritual aim. Once we adhere to the form of the creator we become as he is or in other words, to sit at his right hand. We do this through the correction and rectification of our emotions. This statement indicates the purpose of creation. The spiritual world, or God is in a state of complete rest or peace. Our body is nothing but a tool to be used in order to gain that which cannot be attained in any other way. Once our bodies have performed this task our spirit will be at rest together with the creator. There will be no further need for our spiritual bodies (not our corporeal bodies) to come again. As long as we value any worldly ambition and think that it will lead to a spiritual gain, we will get nowhere. It is paramount to despare with the world, ourselves and to ask ourselves what is the real point of our lives. Only then do we become able to look within and begin to see new perspectives of reality that will create a desire within us to achieve the same for ourselves. As christ fell many times on the way to Calvery, so will we fall many times. Each time we fall it will seem that we are more wretched than the level that we previously attained. We will learn only in retrospect and we will have no notion of what the final result will be because we are to understand that everybody constitutes a situation of work in progress. The only question that we can aspire to ask on our deathbed is, “father, what have you planned for me now”. There is nothing sacred about this body of ours other than the function it is to perform. Our soul is given to us as an empty sack which we are to fill with our spiritual understanding. If we achieve nothing spiritual our soul remains as an empty sack and as such must return until it becomes filled. The more we understand through the correction of our emotions, the more reality is opened up to us. As this happens we understand the principle of eternal rality and we connect to it through the recognition of the correct perspective.

    Comment by Andy Routledge — April 27, 2010 @ 7:02 pm

  3. My dear friend, we see world in similar ways. And if you want from other people to visit you portal, visit other portals first. What ever you do to “other” you do to yourself. I wish you to fill freedom and wisdom paths for creating world of harmony, love and joy. Your friend forever. :)

    Comment by Marijo — July 21, 2010 @ 4:56 pm

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