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Previously submitted to the oracle:


Where is my ideal man?

As I often say, you must find your own soul before you can find your soul mate. What that means is that rather than searching for your ideal man, you should be searching for your ideal self. Remember, like attracts like, and if you are not currently attracting your ideal mate, it is only because you have yet to become your ideal self. Continue to work on yourself and bring yourself into alignment with the qualities you want in your ideal partner, and when you do that, surely, he will appear.


How can I build huge muscles?

There have actually been scientific studies done that prove that visualizing your body going through repetitive physical exercises has approximately 85% the same result as actually engaging in those particular physical exercises. So, this is science's way of revealing mind-body connection. That is, mind over matter, including our physical body. So, my advice to you would be to visualize yourself doing exercises to improve your muscle mass, as well as taking time out during your week to go to the gym and work out.


How do I achieve my dreams?

You already are living the life of your dreams. If you are not satisfied with what you have currently dreamed into existence, simply start to dream dreams that you know will bring you satisfaction and joy.


What is my purpose in life?

Your purpose in life is to do what you love, and to use that particular gift/talent that you love to express to uplift the lives of others.


what do I need to know?

You need to know that you are the sole creator of your life experiences. Anything that has ever or will ever happen in your life is entirely dictated by the thoughts you consistently hold in your mind. The world that you perceive to be "out there" is, in fact, nothing but the projection of your inner world, outwardly. In other words, your life is simply a mirror reflecting back to you the truth of your inner state of being. Once you can shift the state of your inner being, you will see a subsequent shift in the state of your "outer being." That is, the world that you perceive to be "out there." Remember, you are not in the world, but rather, the world is in you.


I am having obsessive thoughts about a person I don't even know, have only met them in passing twice and get a feeling of excitement. Normally a logical person, I am not accustomed to these seemingly out of control thoughts. What is going on?

Perhaps you have met your soul mate/twin flame. At the very least, you have met someone that you share some karmic connection with. Explore the connection and see where it takes you. These out of control thoughts and feelings are not just happenstance. Take them as guidance telling you to explore this connection.


Teach me, show me - how to make money, how to have an instant flow of financial resources every day - how to do it honestly, in accordance with a universal law of respecting the space of every living entity. Show to use this abundant flow of money for the good of all I'm looking forward to hearing from you with my whole heart.

The secret to mastering money is gratitude. There is a saying that, "that which you appreciate, appreciates." So the regular, daily practice of being grateful for the money you currently have in your life can only have the effect of expanding the money you currently have. Literally, take time every single morning to just give thanks for the money you have in your life (no matter how small the amount), and watch as it miraculously expands to greater and greater amounts.

As to wedding such prosperity with meaningful work, all that I can tell you is that you must reach deep into the chambers of your heart and find there the unique gift(s) that you truly want to give to this world. In your spare moments, when you are dreaming of the life you really want to live, what service are you providing to the world? What is your deepest dream of who you really want to be in this world someday? Be that dream now, and surely, you will find that prosperity will come to you in all its forms.


It seems like everything is dumbing-down. Is psychic manipulation, with what is thought as good intentions, a good & equivalent substitute for true spirituality or better yet mysticism? Albert Eistein was a mystic. Aren't we selling ourselves & life short just to seem more secure, comfortable, popular & the like? Or maybe it is ALL about money, power, sex, & feeling self-important, self-righteous. Oh me. Ho, humm. Whatever. Have a nice day.

This matter of "true spirituality" is a very tricky subject. What may be deemed spiritual to one person, may not be spiritual to another. In the end, life is nothing more than the accumulation of experience, and if someone chooses to include the experiences of money, sex, and power in their overall life experience, that is fine. If another chooses to exclude these experiences from their overall life experience, that is fine also.

We all have free will, and can create in our experience whatever it is we believe is for our highest good. This means that it is not necessary to focus on what another has chosen to create in their experience, but rather, all we are here to do is choose what it is we want to create in our own experience. If you are opposed to having money, sex, and power in your experience, then simply don't manifest those things in your life. But if another chooses to have those experiences, you must learn to allow them to be who they choose to be, and create what they choose to create.


How do I let go of the feeling of responsibility for adult children and their children? As a mother I have done the best I could and know that each child and their children have to live their own life paths, but the feelings of being responsible and needing to "do" haven't left and are creating negativity for them and me.

In truth, it seems that you are very much aware of what you have to do. It is only a matter of doing it. The sense of love and responsibility you have for your children, as well as their children is natural, and should not be discarded. It is, in fact, commendable that you feel that way. However, it is vitally important that you learn to have some trust in yourself that you have provided your children with sufficient knowledge to navigate their way through the world. If it is not the case that you have yet to provide them with all the knowledge they need to make it in this world, continue to teach. If it is the case that you have given them enough, then you must let your children go into the world and come back to you when they are ready to do so.


Everyday I see so many homeless people on the streets and everyday I pass by them wishing I could genuinely reach out and help them. For most of us, helping them is to give money, but I don't like to do that. It is estimated that on average, a homeless beggar will make close to $20/hr. If this truly is the case, I can only imagine where that money is going (probably drugs making their situation even graver). Do you have any recommendations for me on how I can make a real difference? I wouldn't mind providing food rather than money, but what else do you suggest?

Truly, I am honored at the opportunity to share my perspective on the matter.
There is nothing you can do to help that person other than to allow them to be who they are. For, since you can not think or feel for another, you can not attract for them, and therefore you can not create their reality for them. However, there is a decision that you must make in regards to who you are in relationship to that person. In my case, I would feel moved to offer them some money as well as a smile if only to uplift that person for a few moments, that they might know a few moments of joy. But that is more about who I am choosing to be rather than trying to change who that person has chosen (consciously or unconsciously) to be.
There is an old saying that applies here. If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. Ultimately, that is what CPOT is about. If you give someone money, you help them for the moment. If you teach someone how to create all that it is they desire, you help them for a lifetime. Thus, if you truly want to be of service to someone in this situation, you could kindly offer (not impose) your knowledge about how it is we create our reality. Above all else this person needs a shift in their understanding of life (mind medicine) in order to change their circumstance. Perhaps you could kindly offer such medicine. And, if they refuse, that is just as fine.

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