Laughter is the Best Medicine

Contemporary research on the phenomenon of laughter suggests that laughter has an overwhelmingly positive effect on the body’s physiology and the mind’s psychology. As such, the implications of this research are that laughter also has an overwhelmingly positive effect on what Jerry and Esther Hicks, authors of “The Law of Attraction” call our “point of attraction. “ Quite simply, our point of attraction is the feeling tone that accompanies our thoughts. You see, every thought we have, has a subsequent emotion tone that goes with it. Positive thoughts, thoughts that tell us we are well, abundant, and that life is good carry with them positive emotions such as joy and gratitude. Negative thoughts, on the other hand, carry with them negative emotions such as grief, sadness, and anxiety. Regardless of the subtle nuances of our emotional experience, all thoughts can essentially be classified as either “positive” or “negative.” Thus, they attract to us experiences that are either positive or negative in our own classification.

Emotion (e-motion) is really a term that represents the contraction of energy in motion. Quantum physicists tell us that the essential nature of this Universe is energy, and that this energy is always in motion. So, in truth, our e-motions are really indicators of the type of energy that is in motion in our lives. Since the law of attraction tells us that like energy attracts like energy, our emotions are really telling us what type of energy is in motion towards in our lives, and therefore the type of energy that is being attracted to( in motion towards) our lives. What role does laughter play in all of this?

Regardless of the empirical data that tells us of the positive effects of laughter in improving immune function, as well as reducing anxiety and stress, each of us has the subjective knowledge of the positive effects of laughter. In fact, The American Heritage College Dictionary defines the act of laughing as: “to feel a triumphant or exultant sense of well-being.” Looked at another way, our emotions indicate our state of Being, and, by law, we can only attract to us things that are congruent with our state of Being. After all, a radio that is tuned to an FM station can not catch an AM signal, and vice versa. Similarly, when you are tuned to the frequency of well-being you can only attract that which is well. Thus, laughter, which instantaneously tunes one in to the frequency of wellness can only attract that which will further your sense of wellness.

If you want to take full advantage of the power of laughter, here is a short and simple meditation you can use anytime you need an instant boost in your sense of wellness. This is especially potent when done with a group of people.

1) Lie on your back in a comfortable location in your home, with your legs folded so that your feet are firmly planted on the ground.
2) Begin to laugh hysterically. Initially this may feel a bit forced, but after a couple of “fake” laughs you will soon find humor in the notion of fake laughter, and thus begin to naturally laugh hysterically.
3) Continue laughing non-stop for five to ten minutes.

Experiment with this practice. Whenever you find yourself in a negative emotional state, you can take a quick “time out” from your day, and just allow yourself to laugh your way to a triumphant sense of wellness. If you keep in mind that our emotions are indicators of the type of energy that is in motion towards us, you will realize the importance of always feeling good. And, when it come to an antidote for those lulls of negativity we all inevitably find ourselves in, truly, laughter is the best medicine. 

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If you have ever been exposed to the philosophy that we all “create our own reality” and  have found credence in this philosophy, but somehow have not quite been able to manage to truly create the life of your dreams, perhaps an unacknowledged reason for this is that you have never forgiven yourself for your past misdeeds. Thus, you have never really allowed yourself to have the best of everything in life.

All of us have moments in our lives that we regret, and have not fully forgiven ourselves for, and, unconsciously, as a result, we punish ourselves in the form of not allowing ourselves to have in life what it is that we truly want in life. In other words, the problems that many of us experience in our life don’t come from a Universe that is any way cruel or unjust, but rather from our unconscious blocking of the greatest good into our lives out of a false belief that we do not deserve those things. And, often times, the motivation behind this unconscious blocking is the fact that we have not learned to forgive ourselves for past mistakes and misdeeds.

And, since we have been given “free will,” essentially what that means is that we have the power to determine what “will” or “will not” happen in our lives. We dictate the experiences that occur in our lives, and this type of power has at several points in our lives lead us to create things that we later learned we did not want to experience. And so, being slightly afraid of this power which, deep down, we all know that we have, many of us choose to abandon that power in the form of the adoption of a “victim mentality.” That is, we convince ourselves that life is exactly the opposite of the way that it truly is; namely, that we don’t make life happen, but rather that life happens to us. This is essentially our attempt at denying the existing of our free will because we are afraid of what we will create for ourselves in the future. More precisely, we are afraid of the immense power which we all realize deep down that we do indeed have access to affect our lives in whatever way we choose.

And so, I would only offer to you that it turns out that we are “condemned to freedom.” That is, when you consciously create (accept your free will), you are indeed bound to create things that you later regret. This fear of our awesome power is somewhat justified. But, when you unconsciously create (reject your free will and play victim), you are bound to create in your life countless things that you do not want. Thus, your only real option is to accept your free will, create many successes and a few failures, and learn to gradually create fewer and fewer failures. It really is that simple. When you play victim, you will always experience yourself, and thus your life, as a series of failures. But, when you accept your free will, you are bound to create failures, but they are certain to be fewer than if you don’t accept your freedom to will things into existence.

So, I say to you, forgive yourself of your past inability to create what it is you have wanted to create, and to declare to yourself what it is that you truly want to experience of your life, and in no time, it will all be yours. This simple act, in and of itself, may have the power to heal any imbalances you are currently experiencing in your life. Forgive yourself, and heal your life.

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The Awesome Power of Gratitude

“Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.”

Mark 4:25

The above quotation, at first glance, must appear to be the cruel dictates of a very unjust God. However, upon a deeper understanding of this statement is actually revealed the solution to any financial problems you may be currently experience yourself as having.

The true meaning of this quote is that it is gratitude, or a lack thereof, that will determine if we will be a “have” or a “have not.”

When it is said that he who has will be given more, whereas he who does not have will even have what they do have taken away, what is really being said is that we all get what we put our attention on.

In truth, all of us have things that we desire to have in life. But, the problem in most our lives is that we focus on what we don’t have rather than on what we do have, and this determines what we get out of life. Thus, another way of phrasing this quote that makes more sense for a modern audience would be, “ we all attract to us what we focus on the most; focusing on what you do have will attract more of the experience of having, whereas focusing on what you don’t have will attract more of the experience of not having.”

The truth is that this quote is nothing other than an ancient formulation of the principle which we have come to call in modern times the ‘law of attraction’. The law of attraction states that we all get what we focus on, whether that is something we want or don’t want. And therefore, as a result of the two basic ways we can focus our attention (do have or don’t have) this law can only yield the result of expanding that which it is we are focused on, regardless if we are seeing our cup as “half-full” or “half-empty.” Seeing the cup of your life as half-full will lead to the Universe pouring more in your cup, whereas seeing your cup as half empty will lead even to the depletion of what you do have.

Thus, the way to apply this wisdom to your life is always to focus on what you do have, and never on what you don’t have, and, furthermore, to always be grateful for what you do have.  In other words, even if there is but a few drops of abundance currently in the cup of your life, be grateful for those few drops and the Universe will surely pour more into your cup, and soon, you will find that, at last, your cup spilleth over.

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Mastery of Money

In truth, money is actually an aspect of being alive as human beings that is quite easy to master. Money, like all things in life is attracted to you in accordance with your true thoughts about it. For instance, if your predominant thoughts about money are that it is evil, or that only evil people have lots of money, and therefore you do not want to have massive amounts of such evil in your life, then surely you will only attract minimal amounts of money into your life. Or, perhaps based on your background of growing up in poverty, your predominant thoughts about money (based on your experience) are that you never have enough of it. And, of course, by law, this thought must be made manifest in your reality as your continued experience of money. That is, you will always have the experience of never having enough of it.

In other words, the statement, “thoughts become things,” is the fundamental truth of life that you must understand if you are going to transform any aspect of your life. In this case, we are talking about money, but this truth applies to every other aspect of your life, including your experience of health and relationships.

Once you begin to observe in your life that everything you think inwardly eventually manifests outwardly, you will begin to understand that all you have to do to shift your external relationship to money is to shift your internal relationship to money.

The most effective “trick” I have come up with for doing this is simply to take a moderately valuable (e.g. $50 bill) paper note and to tape it up somewhere in your bedroom where you are certain to see it every single day. Then, you simply make a commitment to always leave that paper note posted there, never to spend it.

The value of this trick is that in simply noticing every morning and evening this paper note you have posted in your bedroom, is in the simple fact that this will force you to acknowledge that money is currently a part of your experience, and therefore will begin to initiate a shift in your thinking about money from that of “not having” to that of “always having.” In other words, making this change in your external environment will actually lead to a shift in your “internal environment” in regards to your thinking about money. Whereas currently your thinking about money may be that you never have enough of it, as a result of this exercise your thought about money will be that you always have it (because in fact you do as evidenced by this paper note you have posted in your living space). And, again, in time, this inner shift in thought will eventually manifest outwardly as an external shift in your experience of and relationship to money. That is, you will soon find that you do indeed always have money.

The truth is that wealth really is a state of mind. Wealth consciousness is that state of mind that knows that money is just one form of energy, and that you have access to an infinite source of energy within you that, when tapped into will manifest into your experience as the infinite That is, the kingdom of heaven (as well as hell, for that matter) is within you, and it is your thoughts that determine which will manifest into your experience. When you are thinking thoughts of lack and limitation, then you are experiencing the “abyss of hell” inwardly, and this is what will manifest outwardly. When you are thinking thoughts of gratitude and abundance, you are experiencing the “kingdom of heaven” within, and this is what must manifest outwardly.

So, as for the subject of money, this simple tool of posting a moderately valuable paper note somewhere in your room, and noticing every day and night that you have money in your life, is especially effective in creating the inner shift in your relationship to money (i.e. this will create the new thought about money that, “I always have money in my life”) that will lead to an outer shift in your experience of money. More precisely, this new thought will eventually manifest as a new thing in your life as material abundance and prosperity.

When you are truly ready to attract more money into your life, do this exercise and learn to be grateful for whatever amount of money is currently in your life, and certainly it will grow. There is an old saying that applies well here: “ that which you appreciate, appreciates.” That is, it grows.

And so I say to you that truly the mastery of money is to be found in gratitude for the money that you do currently have (no matter how nominal an amount that may be). When you practice gratitude, literally thanking the Universe for what it is you now have, you affirm in your thinking that you do indeed have, and therefore the Universe must manifest in accordance with you thinking. You will be given the experience of more having.

Therefore, the true secret to the mastery of money is for you to make a practice of often giving thanks for the money you currently have in your life. This simple act of appreciate will, again, lead to the appreciation (expansion) of your wealth and this will insure that you are always attracting wealth and prosperity into your life.

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The Perfect Life

What if you could have the perfect life? What if the true nature of life was such that we are able to have everything we could ever dream of having in life if we but simply assert the power of our free will to have it? What would you create in your life?

The truth is that this is the nature of life. Life is such that we have been created in the image and likeness of the creator of the All, and, as such we too are creators. We have the (literally) God-given powers to create anything into our experience that we choose. All that we have to do is intend to experience something, and, by law we are certain to experience because intent is the force that initiates movement in the entire cosmos. In the context of understanding the powerful law of attraction, this means that the force that activates the law of attraction is intent. And therefore, rather than thinking of the law of attraction that is operating outside of you, in response to your predominant state of thinking and feeling, you should understand that the way that you are thinking and feelings is, in fact, dictated by your intentions for how you want to think and feel. Thus, if it is your intention to only think positive thoughts that lead to positive emotion, which, of course, leads to positive energy being in motion towards you, then positive thoughts and positive emotion will be your experience.

Thus, if you want to experience a perfect life, all you have to do is intend a perfect life to flow into your experience, in every domain of life (money, relationships, career, health, etc.). This intention, the intention to activate the highest states of thought and feeling, in order to experience a perfect life must manifest because intent activates the law of attraction, which is, again the law which ultimately determines the outward conditions of your life. The outward conditions of your life are but a mirror reflecting back to you your true inner state. Thus, if you look out into the world at your outer circumstances and find them not to your liking, understand that they are nothing more than mirror reflecting back to your state of being, and thus, the manner in which you must shift your inner world in order to shift your outer world.

So, one of the great secrets to living a perfect life is to regularly utilize meditative practice as a means of shifting your inner state of being. If you do this, you are certainly shifting your inner state, and this inner state of peace and joy must manifest outwardly as all that is reflective or peace and joy including money, love, and meaningful vocation. And thus, the single most powerful intention that anyone can have in order to have a perfect life is the intention to continuously live in peace. That is, to have the experience of the kingdom of heaven that is within. For, in truth, this is what we are all here to do. Many of us, through conditioning have learned to believe that the outer world is more important than the inner world, when, in fact, it is the exact opposite that is true. The true relationship to the inner world and the outer world is that they are one. They are, in no way separate from each other because the outer world is simply the manifestation of our inner world in accordance with our level of enlightenment. One that is in a consciousness of sadness and despair has, for the moment, completed disconnected themselves from their source energy which only radiates peace and joy. Literally, radiates from your Inner Being to your Outer Being. That is to say, that what many people to tend to think that they are experiencing as a world “out there” are simply experiencing their inner state manifesting itself outwardly as the conditions and circumstances of their life. Thus, the outer conditions and circumstances can be thought of as your Outer Being. They reflect the true state of your Inner Being. Or, more pointedly, the degree to which you are in alignment with your true self which is your soul, your spirit, your Inner Being, etc.

So, I say to you again that the words found in the Bible are indeed wise: “seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, and all these material things will be added onto you. In other words, make sure to stay connected with your Inner Being, and you will always be radiating out the experiences of peace and joy as the most enjoyable conditions of your life. That is, make it your intention to always stay connected with your Inner Being, and you will always have all that you desire in life. For, in activating the creative thoughts and positive emotions that emerge when connected with your Inner Being because of this intention, you will always stay connected with your Inner Being, and thus always be experiencing the kingdom of heaven that is within you, and that kingdom will manifest outwardly in your life as the conditions that are fit for a king: wealth, health, love, and happiness. For, having entered the kingdom of heaven, you have gained access to all the vast riches afforded to the true king. That is, the one that has attained the peace of enlightenment.

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