My Cup Spilleth Over

In the movie “The Secret,” Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul spoke about a visualization practice that he utilized in his early days of authorships to multiply his annual income tenfold in one year. He recounts how at the time he was earning $8000 a year, and, under the mentorship of a teacher of the law of attraction learns how to use this law to increase his income to $100,000 in only one year’s time. The practice was for him to take a one dollar bill, add five zeroes to the bill (thus making it a symbolic $100,000 bill) and post that bill over the ceiling above his bed so that it would be the last thing he saw every evening as he went to bed, and the first thing he would see every morning as he woke from sleep. The logic here is that in giving consistent attention to what he wanted, he would begin to attract it into his life.

After doing this symbolic visualization for a period of a couple of months he noticed that opportunities for dramatically increasing his income began to spontaneously come into his life. At years end, he earned approximately $92,000. He fell slightly short of his goal, but was more than pleased with the result of this practice.

You can adapt this practice in your own life as a wealth creation experiment. In fact, I want to challenge you to dream beyond the mediocre standards that society has given you for success. Here is the experiment:

1) go onto the world wide web
2) go to Google’s search engine and in the search tab, type in ‘one million dollar liberty bill’
3) click on the image for the lady liberty one million dollar bill
4) print a dozen copies of this image at full-size
5) cut out these million dollar bills and post them any place in your home that you look at frequently (mirrors and doors are some good places)
6) behold the auspicious coincidences as well as creative inspiration that begin to come to you
I realize that the idea of becoming a millionaire may seem farfetched or even inconceivable for you, but in my mind, living an entire life in the “middle class” or in the working class is more farfetched. Firstly, human beings were never intended to spend our lives as “workers,” living a working class existence. On the contrary, we are magnificent creators intended to hone our creative abilities on this physical plane, constantly manifesting our grandest dreams into physical form. Scripturally, we are taught that we are created in the image and likeness of the creator. As such, we too must be creators.

Furthermore, the notion of people being “middle class” is a great myth that exists in our society. In truth, there is no such thing as a middle class. The fact is that as far as traditional work environments are concerned, one is either an employer or an employee. In other words, one either works for someone, or has others work for you. There is no middle ground here. So, as we can see, in traditional work environments, there are really only two classes of people: the working class and the master class. By thinking of oneself as a creator, rather than a worker, you are stepping outside of the traditional work paradigm, and freeing yourself to live the life you were truly meant to live. So, why not unleash your creative power in the direction of true prosperity. For, if you truly understand that your “Father” has an unlimited supply, you will understand that you are truly worthy of having it all.

Wallace Wattles, author of “The Science of Getting Rich” talks about our perception of lack stemming from our only paying attention to the “visible supply.” But, he suggests that there is an “invisible supply” with the Father/Mother that is readily available for us if we only ask. So, knowing that your Father/Mother has an invisible supply that is unlimited, you should begin to ask for more than you ever imagined asking for. After all, what is a million dollars in contrast to an infinite supply? I say to you, it is but a drop in a vast ocean. And certainly, you are deserving of that and more. Though your cup may now be empty, if you would but ask, the Father/Mother will fill up your cup, and soon, you will find that your cup spilleth over. 

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You Create Your Own Reality

So much of the reason why most of us are dissatisfied with our lives is that we uncritically accept the worldview and perspective of others as our own truth. Rather than relying on our own experience as a means of knowing what is truth, often times, we rely on the experience (or, even worse, those whom we uncritically accept information from have themselves uncritically accepted information from others) of others to determine our own worldview and perspective on life.

Now, if this information that we uncritically accept is optimistic, we will end up creating for ourselves a satisfying life, by default. If, on the other hand, the information that we accept is pessimistic, we will end up creating a dissatisfying life for ourselves, by default.

Many, who have either been exposed to, or seriously study “New Age” literature, would agree with the statement that “we create our own reality.” But, the deepest implication of the universal law of attraction is that we are totally and completely responsible for the outcome of our lives. In other words, there are no victims and no villains on this planet. There are only creators – conscious and unconscious.

The law of attraction suggests that whatever we put our attention on, and continue to put our attention on, we will eventual get, whether we want it or not. That is, when you focus your attention on what you want in life, and continue to do so over a period of time, you will eventually receive that which you have been focusing on. Conversely, when you focus your attention on what you do not want in your life, and continue to focus on what you do not want for an extended period of time, eventually you will end up receiving that which have been focusing on. And this is precisely the reason we need to be more critical of the information we filter into our worldview.

This law, which suggests, that all of us end up getting whatever we focus on for an extended period of time, is the ultimate assertion of free will. If you uncritically accept the worldview of others (optimistic or pessimistic) you will essentially end up replicating the reality which they created in their life, because you will have no choice but to focus on the information that they have given you about how life is. In terms of familial conditioning, it should then be obvious why we often fall into the constructive and destructive patterns of our parents. Perhaps this is the reason for the old adage, “like father, like son.” It is not so much that we are genetically predestined to act out the patterns of our parents, but that we unconsciously “download” their worldview, and live and operate based on that worldview. And, another way of the law of attraction is that the way that we see the world determines the world that is given to us.

So, if you really want to change your life, perhaps it is time for you to begin to examine the worldview that you have unknowingly downloaded from those around you including your family, friends, religious community, and the mass media. For, the law of attraction suggests that you create your own reality because it is only you that can attract to yourself, based on the objects of experience which you focus your attention on (good or bad, consciously or unconsciously). Therefore, if you want to change your life, all you have to do is change your focus. Instead of focusing on those things that have brought you to you current dissatisfying reality, begin to focus your attention only on those things that, in your heart of hearts, you truly want to bring into your experience.

I mean this literally. One simple “trick” you can use for insuring that your attention stays focused only on those things that you really want in your life is to write out a list of all the things you really want in your life, and to read over that list several times a day, every day. As I mentioned in a previous article, those desires can be thought of as seeds, and our attention is the way in which we water those seeds of desire to bring them into fruition. In time, the will blossom forth into your experience. For, this is the dictates of the law of attraction. 

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The regular practice of being grateful for all that you have is a powerful practice in terms of increasing one’s abundance because, according to the law of attraction, what we consistently give our attention to most grows stronger and stronger in our lives (whether that thing is something we want or don’t want). So, in making a habit of taking time each day to just be grateful for all that we appreciate about our lives, we are focusing on what is good about our lives, and therefore we are expanding what is good in our lives. There is a very clever phase in esoteric literature that says, “that which we appreciate, appreciates.” That is simply a crafty reformulation of the law of attraction.

When it comes to my own practice of gratitude, I have made it a habit of giving thanks for everything in my life that I am grateful for, every single night before I go to bed in four areas: financial, relationships, health, and purpose in life. Financially, this would be the appropriate time to give thanks for having gainful employment (if such is your condition), or for any unexpected financial gifts you may have received during the day. In the area of relationships, you can give thanks for anything you appreciate about your significant other, family members, closest friends, acquaintances, or even any interesting people you may have met during the day (remember, the quality you most focus on in another is what you will draw out of them; so, if you are currently dissatisfied with your relationships in any of the areas, begin to focus on what you like most about the other to draw those qualities out of them). In the area of health, if you are currently well, be grateful for your wellness, as well as everything that contributes to your wellness including your medication and nourishing meals. If you are not currently well, perhaps you can be grateful for intermittent moments of wellness that you may be experiencing throughout the day. And, as for purpose in life, you can be grateful for any auspicious coincidence that may have occurred during the course of your day. Being grateful for synchronicities that brought you closer to the realization of your intentions is especially potent, because paying attention to synchronicities (which, by law, causes them to increase ) will accelerate the speed by which your intentions manifest.

So, an “attitude of gratitude” is a very powerful practice in helping creating the life of your dreams. I utilize this practice every single night before I go to bed, and I have been amazed to see that all I am grateful for is constantly expanding. Apply this practice to your own life, and behold the miracles that blossom forth into your own life.

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Inspired Action

Often times, when people begin to become aware of the creative power of thought, that is the power of deliberately directing our thoughts towards an intended outcome, they neglect the role of physical action in the world, as the bridge between the metaphysical (thought) and the physical (intended outcome). And, of course, on the opposite extreme is people who neglect the importance of deliberately directing our thoughts in order to achieve a desire outcome.

In other words, when it comes to manifesting our desires, most of us are imbalanced toward one of two possible extremes: metaphysical (the creative power of our minds) or the physical (the creative power of our bodies through labor). The fact of the matter is that it is only in striking a balance between what I will term “metaphysical manifesting” and “physical manifesting” that one maximizes one ability to manifest, with greatest ease and enjoyment, ones desires. Let’s examine these extremes in greater detail.

Metaphysical manifesting is focusing exclusively on the role of our thoughts in the creation/manifestation process. That is, a person that has been newly introduced to the law of attraction may have the misguided belief that all that they have to do is think about what it is they want, and then, somehow, perhaps by some supernormal experience, whatever it is they desire will fall of of the sky into their lap. This is not quite how it works. Though it is vitally important that we consistently direct our thoughts toward what it is we want, eventually we will have to take some form of action in the world in order to get whatever it is we desire.

On the other extreme, physical manifesting, could be thought of as the protestant work ethic approach to creation. This ethic suggests that it is only through hard, grueling work that we can achieve our dreams and desires. Of course, recent studies indicate that the prevalence of stress-related illness such as heart disease, strokes, and even cancer are very much related to this work ethic. So obviously, some type of balance is needed.

So, to reiterate, it could be said that there are two diametrically opposed schools or thought when it comes to manifestation. The first, the metaphysical manifesters, falsely believe that if we just sit, visualize, direct our thoughts, etc., we will find all of our desires magically fulfilled for us. The second camp, the physical manifesters, falsely believe that is only through hard work and effort that we realize our goals, dreams, and desires. Both of these camps are partially correct, yet not fully balanced in their approach to manifestation .The way in which they are imbalanced, of course, is in their relationship to action in the world. The first camps relationship to action could be thought of as hypoactive, whereas the second camp is hyperactive. Thus, the balance, and therefore resolution of these approached is to be found in what many teachers of the law of attraction refer to as “inspired action.”

The first camp, though correctly understanding the power of the mind in manifestation is incorrect in its devaluing , or failure to apply physical action in the world. The second camp, though correct in its understanding of the importance of actual action/work in the world, is incorrect in its underemphasis of the power of the mind in manifestation. The correct, and most balanced approach to manifestation is “inspired action.”
Inspired (in-spirit) action is action that is done from a place of mental stillness. Inspired action is action that we do, not from a sense of obligation or routine, but rather because we have heard a faint whisper from Spirit urging us to move. Typically, most of us act because we either feel obligated to do so, pressured by the outside world to do so, or out of routine. As such, these acts could be called acts of desperation (de-spirited). On the other hand, inspired action is action that comes from our own deepest intelligence, our deepest knowing, and, as such, the very prospect of executing this action fills us with joy.

 Truly, it is this action, this inspired action, that is the balanced approach to our manifesting our desires. For, in this approach, we skillfully sidestep the pitfalls of passive idealism (metaphysical manifestaters) and hyperactive skepticism (physical manifesters), and strike a balance that allows us to truly bridge the gap between our desires and their realization. For, in inspired action we are fusing the eternal play of opposites in the metaphysical and the physical, the Spirit and the flesh, the yin and the yang, the feminine and the masculine, and in doing so will be able to impregnate and conceive of your deepest desires in yourself, and through yourself, into the world.  

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Entering the Kingdom

Recently, I came to the realization that, as far as western society is concerned, there has been almost a complete loss of the king archetype in modern man. Perhaps this fact contributes to the relative lack of capacity of the modern man to truly create abundance in his life.

If you think about the lifestyle of the King, from both a mythical and historical standpoint, it is obvious that the King lives a life of lavish abundance. The fact is that all of have the birthright of beings Kings and Queens, but it is the rare individual that chooses to be royalty.

In contemporary secular spirituality, there is a great deal of talk about manifesting abundance, and living a life of prosperity. But, unbeknownst to most who follow such teachings, and, often time those that expound those teachings is the fact that this choice of abundance and prosperity is available to all of us if we simply learn to activate the king archetype within us.

What this means is that we are all guided by a vision or grand ideal of who we would like to become in life. These guiding visions and ideals correspond to what Carl Jung called the archetypes (e.g. king, warrior, trickster, magician, divine mother, etc.). In other words, these are the guiding visions and ideals which have guided humanity from the most ancient times. As such, they can, to some degree, be classified under certain categories such as the typology developed by Jung.

One guiding vision and ideal that has been largely lost in the mind of modern man (literally those of us that have incarnated as the male gender) is that of living as a King. Every other archetype is well embodied and lived out by most of us, with the exception of the King. And, I am suggesting that the activation of the King archetype within us is the key to living the life of lavish abundance that you desire.

Going back to the lifestyle of the mythical and historical King, we see that there are certain attributes that are universal to the true King. Firstly, the King lives in a castle and has vast territory surrounding his castle. Secondly, the King has abundant riches throughout his land. Also, the King has a Queen that is honored and respected as the royalty she is. And lastly, the King is a servant of the people.

In my article about the movie “The Secret” I stated that the Universe manifest into your experience that which you declare yourself to be through your thoughts and feelings. Well, if you are to have he abundant experience of the King, this means that you will have to learn to think and feel as a King does. And how does a King think and feel. In order to find that answer (one that you must find for yourself) all that you have to do is to visualize yourself living as a King.

Do this practice often throughout the course of your day, and you will find that in short time you will find the conditions of living as a King (money, the wife of your dreams, opportunities to serve) start to manifest in your experience as you begin to think of yourself as a King, and consequently begin to feel like a King.

Now, there is an important part to consider in our understanding of the true King. There is an old saying in the Taoist I Ching that states that, “the ruler serves the people.” Thus, the true King is one, not that regards themselves as a ruler of people, but rather as a servant of the people. And, if you can learn to see yourself as a servant to humanity, than truly, humanity will serve you with the best of all life has to offer. This is the true nature of the King, and thus the true way into the Kingdom of Heaven that is within us. For, who could enter a kingdom but a King? Thus, the great teaching of this wisdom of the Bible is that we must exalt ourselves to the level of King, which is only done through lowering ones head before all of humanity. It is only as we become a true King – that is, a servant of the people- that we will be able to unlock the gates to the King of Heaven, which holds the treasure chest of infinite riches. 

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