The Secret

As children we love games. We love to play games that have been established prior to our coming into existence, and we love to create new games that were previously inconceivable into existence. Why is this? Perhaps the reason is that instinctually we understand that there is wisdom to be found in the rules of games. Perhaps, even these games are but a metaphor for the larger game in which we are all immersed- the game of life. And so, we go about playing and inventing games, all with the unconscious intention of unlocking the secrets of how the game of life really works.

Well, we are all very fortunate, as that which we have always been seeking has been found. The secret for which we have been searching for has at last been revealed to us in a movie that is quite aptly named – The Secret.

The Secret is a movie created by a woman named Rhonda Byrne who was given The Secret by one of her children in a time of profound despair. After learning this secret, she realized that she wanted to share this secret with the whole world. She was inspired to make a film about this great secret of life. So, along with the help of several cutting edge thinkers and feelers in the domains of the sciences and the arts, she set to work on this most grand mission.

The secret to life is that us human beings were truly made in the image and likeness of God, and therefore are endowed with the awesome creativity of The Creator. In other words, we create our own reality. The problem, up until the release of this movie – which truly reflects the stage of evolution we as a species are at – has been that we haven’t known exactly how it is that we create our own reality. That is, we haven’t known the rules of the game of life. Now, thanks to the pioneering work of this film, we do.

The way in which we create is through attraction. We attract people, circumstances, situations, and event to us based on what we “put out” to the Universe emotionally. In turn, the Universe agrees with us about whatever we declare about ourselves, and manifests that into our experience. Thus, the mythical story of Aladdin and the genie’s lamp. The genie (the Universe) always responds the same way, “your wish is my command.”

So, whatever it is that we declare to the Universe emotionally is what the Universe gives us. If, through our state of emotion we declare ourselves well, the Universe will agree with us and manifest all aspects of wellness into our lives including material things, loving relationships, perfect health, and meaningful vocation. But, on the other hand, if we declare ourselves as not well to the Universe, the Universe will reflect us back to us as we are truly declaring ourselves, and will then manifest into our lives all that is not well including poverty, disease, loneliness, etc.

Thus, you can see that it is of the utmost importance that we always declare ourselves to be well to the Universe by staying in a state of positive emotion. The Universe is like a mirror that can only reflect us back to us as we really are.

In so many words, this is essentially the message of this groundbreaking movie. The Universe will always reflect back to you that which you have declared yourself to be. So, once you understand this, you will understand that the secret to life is to always declare yourself to be well by always staying in a state of positive emotion. When you do this, you insure that, again, positive energy is in motion towards you. For, the Universe can only serve as a mirror to our true state of being.

Poverty on any level can only manifest when we declare that it is real and that it exists. That is, when you manifest such illusions into reality by giving them attention. If you no longer want something in your reality, simply stop giving it attention. It will have not choice but to disappear. And so truly, the secret is that what is real is entirely and completely a matter of your own choosing. When you give your attention to something, the Universe responds by giving you more of more of that. Thus, the secret to life is to give attention only on to that which you desire to experience in your reality, and that is exactly what you have in your reality. It is that simple. And this movie is sharing this message with the whole world. Indeed, the world is changing. Indeed we as a species are moving closer towards manifesting our greatest desire as a species: world peace.

The greatest implication of the teaching of The Secret on such a mass level is that human beings are finally ready to take responsibility for our own lives. We are no longer willing to play victims in life. We are, at last, ready to be mature, conscious beings peacefully creating what it is that we desire to create in our reality, as we peacefully allow others to create what it is that they choose to create in their reality. Thus, we can now peacefully co-exist with each other as more of us learn that we can create whatever it is that we want, even as another can create whatever it is they want, with all of us being able to have all that we want. There is more than enough of all that is good to go around. We do not, nor never have had to war with each other under the illusion that there is not enough to go around.

Truly, we live in an infinite Universe that is expanding, and thus there can be no such thing as limitation. Thus, we are unlimited beings and can never be limited by another. In other words, we are free, and always have been. It has only been an illusion that we have been in bondage. We are the unbounded, unlimited children of the Creator, and as such, can be, do, and have anything. This is the teaching that was given us in this extraordinary movie. If you ask me, I would say it is the greatest movie ever.

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